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Top-notch efforts in research, teaching excellence and collaboration have garnered awards for staff working in Johnson County Community College’s Healthcare Simulation Center.

Rochelle Quinn, associate professor, nursing, is a recipient of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Award for outstanding performance at JCCC. Irv Gardner and Susie Gibbar are nominees for the Lieberman Teaching Excellence Award for Adjunct Faculty; and Colleen Duggan, Suzy Huseman and Dr. David Zamierowski earned publication awards for The Perception of the Role of the Nurse by Nursing and Medical Students, published in the January/February issue of The Kansas Nurse magazine.

“I am honored to teach with these faculty members,” said Kathy Carver, RN, MN, Zamierowski Family Endowed Professor for Simulation. “Their passion for students and creating a positive teaching/learning environment is ongoing.”

JCCC’s simulation center is one of 10 premier sites in the nation to participate in a research study with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The study is evaluating the effectiveness of simulation as a part of the clinical requirements for nursing programs.

“JCCC would not have been chosen as one of the top 10 if we did not have the caliber of faculty and administration that help make this paradigm shift possible,” said Carver.

The awards all reflect how JCCC faculty teach students to care for individuals in structured settings but also to think on their feet – anticipate what could happen – and apply past experiences, knowledge and concepts from different situations to guide their care.

“Our program is intense and our students learn to care for patients and their families/loved ones at one of their most vulnerable times,” said Jeanne Walsh, director, nursing. ”Simulation has revolutionized nursing education.”

Quinn’s leadership and communication skills also earned her the team leader position for the National Council of the State Board of Nursing. She also implemented Cerner’s electronic health documentation systems at JCCC to increase students’ exposure to technology.

“Rochelle is respected within the health care community for her extensive knowledge and experience with simulation,” Carver said. “Her dedication to health care education has been instrumental to ensure safe patient care by all program graduates.”