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Some international students live in apartments either on their own or with roommates. You typically need to have a social security number to rent an apartment. If not, you must usually have a U.S. co-signer or pay 6 months’ rent in advance to be eligible to rent an apartment.

It is reasonable to expect off campus housing to cost between $500 and $1,200 per month depending on the number of people sharing expenses of an apartment and its proximity to campus.

Additional Costs

In addition to monthly rent, others costs are incurred when living in an apartment. They may include:

  • Utilities (water, electricity, gas, water, trash, Internet etc)
  • A security deposit (usually one month’s rent)
  • Application fee
  • Renters’ insurance
  • Parking
  • Furniture

Signing a Lease

When renting an apartment, it is customary to sign a lease:

  • A lease is a legally binding rental contact which specifies terms of the rental and the length of time you will be renting the apartment.
  • Most leases are for 12 month however, in some cases, leases are available for 6 months at an additional cost.
  • A lease obliges you to pay rent for the term of the lease even if you move out of the apartment.
  • Because a lease is a legal contract, make sure you completely understand it before signing it.

Searching for an Apartment

Listings of apartment for rent may be found on apartment search websites such as forrentuniversity.

Apartments Close to Campus

Apartment Name and Distance from JCCC

The Claremont 0.68 miles (1.09 km)
Barrington Park Townhomes 0.71 miles (1.14 km)
Waterford Place Apartments & Townhomes 1.28 miles (2.05 km)
Creekside Apartment Homes 1.50 miles (2.41 km)
Crowne Chase Apartments 1.59 miles (2.54 km)
The Preserve 1.71 miles (2.74 km)