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As a high school student participating in the Quick Step Plus College Algebra program, your benefits are significant:

  • Time-Saving - The material that you will cover in our College Algebra course is the same as that covered in your high school course. You will not need to take the course again in college. College Algebra was chosen as a course for dual credit because it is the only college math course required for many programs of study.
  • Slower Pace - The material is normally covered in one semester in college, but Quick Step Plus College Algebra spans both semesters of your high school year. 
  • Smaller Class Size - Many major college and university algebra classes can contain hundreds of students. Smaller classes may provide a better learning environment. 
  • Saves Money - Our tuition rates are lower than many colleges and universities and you are not required to purchase the college textbook.
  • Individual Assistance - You are able to receive one-on-one assistance from our college math professors.
  • Student Privileges on Campus - You will become a JCCC college student with credit student privileges, including access to our library, gym, computer labs and Math Resource Center. The Math Resource Center, MRC, provides free math tutoring and is open extensive hours.
  • Additional Opportunity to Master Material - Quick Step Plus College Algebra offers you the rare opportunity to retake unit exams; each of the five unit exams may be retaken once. Only the highest score is kept. The final exam may not be retaken.