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As a Quick Step student at Johnson County Community College, there are some things you (and your parents or guardians) should know that may be useful as you begin taking college courses.

  • You have all the rights, privileges and obligations of any other JCCC student.
  • You are responsible for providing your own transportation to and from JCCC.
  • Your attendance may or may not be monitored by the instructor, and you are responsible for completing all assignments and course requirements.
  • Because of federal regulations, your parents (or guardians) will not be allowed to access your grades and/or academic progress unless you give them written permission or they can provide written proof that you are considered a dependent for federal income tax purposes.
  • If you decide to drop a class, be sure to officially withdraw by completing a drop form in the Student Center, 2nd floor. Failing to officially withdraw from a class you stop attending will mean an "F" on your college transcript. Your college transcript follows you all your life, you don't want to start your college career with failing grades.
  • Some high school graduations occur before the end of the college semester. If you are using a college course to satisfy your high school's graduation requirement, please be aware that the final grade in the course may not be available in time for your high school's graduation ceremony.
  • JCCC student identification cards may be obtained at the Student Activities Desk in the Student Center during the first week of school. Your I.D. card allows you to use the library, computer labs and access other college services, including academic support centers such as the Math Resource Center, Writing Center and the Science Resource Center.
  • All new students must attend an orientation session before meeting with a JCCC counselor. These information sessions are offered several times a day on a walk-in basis in the Student Success Center (see current credit schedule for days and times). For questions about your educational or career goals, or the transferring of courses to other colleges and universities, please contact the JCCC Counseling Center.
  • You can request a copy of your transcript from Student Records.

We want you to have a successful and enjoyable first experience with college at JCCC. Hopefully, this information will be helpful as you continue your education.