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A syllabus for the course will be available to dual-enrolled students in Canvas, which can be accessed from the JCCC website login.

Grades and Syllabus

Locate the College Algebra course in Canvas.

  • Select the Content tab to open syllabus. The syllabus is a guide for the course, summarizing all important information.
  • Grades for all college exams, including retakes, will be recorded here, accessible anytime to students.
  • Select the Grades tab to view.

Transfer Credits

Quick Step Plus College Algebra is a 3-credit-hour course. It transfers to all public universities and colleges in Kansas.

The transfer institution determines acceptance of courses for credit. Students should check with the college or university they plan to attend. Most colleges require passing the course with at least a C grade. Typically, more than 80 percent of our enrolled students pass the course, receiving a C or higher grade. Your grade for college credit will appear on your JCCC transcript in June.

Transcripts may be requested in advance of completing the course.

Transcript Requests