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Students must qualify, enroll and pay for the college course by the posted deadlines.

Deadlines and Enrollment

The document titled 2024-2025 Quick Step Plus College Algebra Enrollment Guide for High School Students (PDF), provided by JCCC Admissions, summarizes all the information you need for this process. 

Course Reference Number, CRN - Each high school is assigned a unique Course Reference Number, CRN. Use your assigned CRN to enroll in the correct section of College Algebra. 

Fall Enrollment and Payment - You will enroll and pay only in the Fall semester, although your course is yearlong.

High School Enrollment or Withdrawal - You are not automatically enrolled or withdrawn from the college course if you enroll or withdraw from your high school course. You will need to meet the JCCC deadlines to enroll or withdraw from your college course, which are referred to in the above linked document.

College Course Withdrawals - If you need to drop your College Algebra course, it is your responsibility to drop the course online or complete a schedule change form at JCCC. If you drop the course at your high school and do not drop the course at JCCC by the deadlines listed in the  Quick Step Plus College Algebra Enrollment Guide for High School Students (PDF), you will receive a failing grade on your academic record.

Dropping High School Course but Continuing the College Course - If you wish to drop the high school course but continue with your JCCC course, you have the option to continue as an independent study course. However, this is not recommended. Contact your assigned JCCC professor as soon as possible if this is the desired path to completing the course.