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The Japanese program at JCCC allows you to become proficient in the linguistic and verbal communications of a unique language, history, and culture.

What will I learn in JCCC's Japanese program?

By taking Japanese courses at Johnson County Community College, you will learn a whole new alphabet and way of writing. Practice conversing with other Japanese speakers while you learn about their rich culture and experiences.

Japanese is one of the less commonly taught languages, yet is considered the gateway to other Asian languages. Learning Japanese shows employers you are up to any task and makes you a memorable job candidate.

You can take up to four semesters of Japanese by completing the following courses:

  • Elementary Japanese I and II
  • Intermediate Japanese I and II

Your skills in the Japanese language will be highly sought-after and quite marketable, as few native English speakers know Japanese.

Do you need to take the placement exam? Contact Kotoko Grass at for more information..

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Do you need to take the placement assessment? 

Why JCCC for Japanese courses?

Your Japanese classes will have a limited number of students and will be packed with interaction. Excellent professors encourage work within small groups or one-on-one.

As a student of Japanese:

  • Take advantage of free tutoring in the Language Resource Center (LRC).
  • Increase your fluency by using the LRC’s computer-based language programs.
  • Participate in the daylong Kansas City Japan Festival in the fall.
  • Befriend native Japanese-speaking students through the International Club.
  • Practice Japanese and participate in Japanese cultural workshops through the JCCC Japan Club.

Perfect your Japanese by studying abroad in Japan. One of the safest and most modern countries in the world, Japan offers something for everyone with an abundance of entertainment, arts, music, shopping and sports. You can study for a semester or a year.

Japanese Conversation Table

JCCC hosts a biweekly Japanese Conversation Table on campus! Please contact Kotoko Grass, information.

Email Kotoko Grass

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Studying Japanese could increase your opportunities for a job, scholarship, or fellowship. Japanese is the third-largest language community on the internet, with more than 100 million speakers connected to the web.

Knowing Japanese links you to innovators, designers and creative engineers of cultural and material exports such as anime, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, Hello Kitty, Sudoku, karaoke, martial arts and origami.

You could have a lucrative career as an online Japanese translator or as a translator in the U.S. for thousands of tourists and business people who visit. You also might work for an international Japanese company such as Sony, Toshiba, Sanyo, Canon, Honda or Toyota.

Or you could work for one of the many U.S. companies that do business with Japan. Understanding the Japanese culture opens the door to careers in:

  • Business
  • Law
  • Government
  • Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Medicine
  • Technology

Two years of Japanese meet the foreign language requirement for many bachelor’s degrees. Most Japanese courses at JCCC are guaranteed to transfer to all Kansas public postsecondary institutions.

One of the largest stresses associated with going to college is the high cost of tuition. For students seeking higher education, they may experience anxiety related to money. Fortunately, JCCC is always working to make tuition affordable for all students so they can succeed academically.

At JCCC, we currently offer:

In addition, fees for textbooks and supplies may also be included. The cost of these will vary depending on which Japanese courses at JCCC you enroll in.

There are several things to consider when budgeting for college. Visit our Cost of Attendance page for detailed information.

Resources and Tools at JCCC

JCCC offers several tools and resources available to all students. From personalized learning techniques to small class sizes to professional tutoring services, there are plenty of options to ensure your time spent at JCCC is educational and memorable.

If you’re looking for loan and scholarship opportunities, our Financial Aid office is here for you. Talk to one of our financial aid counselors to see how you can lower your out-of-pocket costs each semester.

You may be unsure about your post-graduation plans, and that’s okay! Our Academic Counseling and Career Development Center are great services for those who need help exploring career path options.

Finally, if you’re thinking about transferring your credits to a four-year university, JCCC makes the process as simple as possible for all students who want to continue their education.