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Grading System Policy 314.04
Johnson County Community College
Series: 300 Students
Section: Academic Policies
1. Grade Definitions

Johnson County Community College utilizes the following grades to indicate the level of student achievement of the educational objectives of a course:

A - outstanding achievement of objectives
B - highly satisfactory achievement of objectives
C - adequate achievement of objectives
D - passing, marginal achievement of objectives
P - passing (credit earned, but not calculated into student's grade point average (GPA))
F - no credit, unsatisfactory achievement
X - audit
W - withdrawal without academic assessment
I – incomplete. Incomplete grades that are not converted to a final grade by the deadline established by the faculty member will be changed to an “F”. This deadline can be no later than the grade change deadline in the next regular (fall or spring) semester.
R – repeated course

2. Pass/Fail Grading System

Students may choose a pass/fail grading option. Only one course per semester may be graded in this manner and a JCCC academic counselor’s written approval is required before the student is allowed this option. The deadlines for submitting a pass/fail request each semester are determined by the Registrar and listed with the Drop Deadlines for Credit Courses on JCCC’s Website.

Once the pass/fail grade form has been completed and approved, the student may not change back to the regular grading system. Appeals to this pass/fail Policy must be submitted, in writing, to the Registrar.

The grades utilized under this option are:

P – passing, credit earned (not calculated into GPA)
F – unsatisfactory achievement, no credit (but it is calculated into GPA)
W – withdrawal

3. Repeating a Course

When students repeat a course, the most recent grade earned will be used in computing the cumulative GPA. Prior to spring of 1995, an "R" replaced the earlier grade on a student’s transcript. Beginning in the spring of 1995, the "R" was no longer used. The original grade now remains on the transcript with a special "E" indicator, which will exclude the grade from the cumulative GPA. The most recent grade will have an "I" indicator, which includes the grade in the cumulative GPA. Students cannot use Advanced Standing Credit to repeat a course. A "W" grade will not be marked as a repeat, changed, or removed from the transcript.

4. Grade Points

Grade points are assigned to grades as follows:

Grade Grade Points Per
Semester Hour
A 4
B 3
C 2
D 1
F 0
X 0
W 0
I 0
R 0
P 0

Courses with grades of Pass (P), Withdrawn (W), Incomplete (I), Audit (X), or Repeated Course (R) will not be counted in calculating GPA. Courses with grades of "F" will be counted when calculating GPAs. GPAs are figured to the nearest hundredth.

5. Late Withdrawal and Grade Change Appeals

Late withdrawal appeals must be submitted on the Appeal Form to the Registrar within two years of the student’s initial enrollment in the course, unless good cause is shown for the delay. Grade change appeals must be submitted on the Grade Review Petition Form to the appropriate JCCC administrator in accordance with the Student Grade Review and Appeals Policy 314.08.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 01/27/1992, 05/26/1993, 06/16/1994, 08/22/1995, 04/16/1998, 02/15/2001, 11/15/2001, 02/16/2012, 04/17/2014, 02/21/2019