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Academic Renewal Policy 314.07
Johnson County Community College
Series: 300 Students
Section: Academic Policies

Academic Renewal, if approved by JCCC, allows students with coursework five (5) years old or older an opportunity to exclude that coursework for select purposes.

  • To be eligible to apply for Academic Renewal, the student must have completed at least 12 credit hours at JCCC within the last two years with a JCCC cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.
  • Coursework eligible for Academic Renewal must have been completed at least five (5) years prior to the application for Academic Renewal.
  • Academic Renewal:
    • will be granted only once and once granted cannot be reversed,
    • will not change the GPA calculation on the official JCCC transcript. Coursework approved for Academic Renewal will continue to appear on the transcript with the original grades. 
    • does not alter the student’s record for financial aid awards or for athletic eligibility.
  • Coursework approved for Academic Renewal will be manually excluded from the cumulative GPA totals only for select purposes such as determining eligibility for graduation and selective admission programs at JCCC.
  • If Academic Renewal is approved by JCCC, all credits (from all colleges or universities) five (5) years old or older will be excluded in these manual recalculations. The student may not elect to include certain courses in this timeframe and exclude others.
  • Courses excluded as a result of Academic Renewal cannot be used to meet course prerequisites or program requirements.  
  • This policy applies only at JCCC.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 08/22/1995, 09/21/2011, 02/16/2012, 04/17/2014, 02/21/2019