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“Internally colleges and universities are under increasing pressure to accomplish four things: increase revenue, decrease expenses, improve quality, and strengthen reputation.”(Dickeson, pg.1)


The Administrative and Service Area Review process was implemented in this form at Johnson County Community College (JCCC) during the fall of 2015. Administrative and Service Area Review is new, in this format, for our college. Therefore, continued refinements of the processes outlined in this handbook are anticipated. Development of the process was created out of the strategic planning initiative Goal 4, Task 1 which states the college will “Reduce administrative costs as a percentage of total expenditures through streamlining business processes, service area reviews and reallocation of resources from administrative functions toward direct student success activities.”

As part of the college’s ongoing Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) processes, the first Program Review project focused on developing a Comprehensive Academic Program Review. The second AQIP project is focused on developing a framework for administrative and service area review. The focus of this handbook is to develop a process to help review administrative and service area costs, work processes, action planning, and area development. This handbook reflects the lessons learned from the pilot. The handbook is designed to be used by any administrative and service area leader or budget administrator as a guide to understand further the ways in which data collection, analysis, and reflection can inform effective action planning for continuous quality improvement.  

Goals of the Area Review  

At Johnson County Community College, Administrative and Service Area Review, Planning and Development allows administrative staff to lead a purposeful and continuous cycle of improvement through two related processes: "Comprehensive Administrative and Service Area Review" and "Annual Planning and Development." Both the comprehensive and annual processes are integral parts of an overall institutional evaluation, planning and development process with the following goals to:

  • Reduce administrative costs as a percentage of total expenditures;
  • Streamline business processes;
  • Reallocate resources from administrative functions toward direct student success activities; and
  • Ensure that area priorities are consistent with the college’s mission and strategic plan. 

To get started on Area Review, use the link on the MyJCCC page for Program Review. 

The Administrative Review Handbook can be found in InfoHub.