Continuing Education Authorization Instructions

Continuing Education Class Instructions for Third-Party Students Authorizations

Signed Continuing Education class enrollment authorizations for Third-Party students must be received prior to enrollment.

Authorizations may be brought in person, mailed to the Third-Party Billing Office located in GEB 117 or faxed to 913-469-2561.

Authorizations or purchase orders must be on company letterhead and include:

  • student's legal name
  • student's JCCC identification number or date of birth and last 4 digits of social security number
  • third-party name(s), billing address,contact person, phone number and FEIN
  • Course Reference Number (CRN), the date and full cost of the class (prior to any discounts) the student desires to attend 
  • maximum dollar amount if determined
  • statement that the employer, or agency, agrees to pay for the training regardless of the student's performance, successful completion of the course or employee status, the statement needs to say "Responsible for Payment"
  • authorized signature (other than student enrolling in training)

Course costs must be authorized at the full course cost. If the student is eligible for a Take 3 or other discount, the discount will be applied and reduce the amount billed.

The bill may separate charges into a course fee and a books and materials fee. Together these costs represent the total required course fees. Separation on the bill is necessary due to internal accounting practices.

Please contact Third-Party billing at 913-469-7696 for additional information.