Complaint and Grievance Policy 421.01

Johnson County Community College
Series: 400 Personnel
Section: Employee Complaints and Discipline

Cross-Reference: Complaint and Grievance Resolution Operating Procedure 421.01

It is the policy of Johnson County Community College to provide its employees with a fair and efficient process to present and resolve complaints and grievances arising out of the employment relationship. To this end, the college President shall establish appropriate complaint and grievance resolution procedures for addressing work related disputes.

The complaint and grievance resolution procedures shall be available to any employee who wishes to bring forward a work related complaint or grievance that is not covered by another avenue of redress through college policies, procedures or agreements.

It shall be considered a violation of this policy for any individual to knowingly file a false or malicious complaint or grievance. If the college believes that such a complaint or grievance has been filed, the matter will be addressed in accordance with the college’s applicable policies and procedures.

No employee shall retaliate or discriminate against another employee because of the latter employee’s filing of or participating in a complaint or grievance. Retaliation includes taking any action which may have any impact on the terms or conditions or employment including, but not limited to, increasing discipline or assignment, demotion, changes in pay or hours, material changes in job duties or functioning, if such conduct is taken because of the individual’s filing of or participation in a complaint or grievance, whether or not such complaint or grievance is determined to be valid. Any person believing that retaliation has taken or is taking place should immediately report the matter in accordance with the procedures as established by the President.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 03/17/1994 (effective 04/15/1994; 03/25/2010)