Job Assignments/Job Audits Policy 418.01

Johnson County Community College
Series: 400 Personnel
Section: Compensation and Benefits

The college shall have the right to make and change job assignments, to establish and modify job classifications, and to establish and amend work rules and work loads. All full-time employees of the college will ordinarily be requested to work a regular forty (40) hour week, except as otherwise provided in these policies. Full-time salaried employees are expected to complete their duties and obligations of their position and may be required to exceed forty (40) hours per week.

Positions at the college shall be classified by job group based on duties, responsibilities, and related job criteria. Each job group will be assigned to a salary/wage range for pay purposes. A request for job audit may be submitted by a division administrator as a result of job restructuring due to a vacancy or based on significant market factors impacting college recruitment/retention initiatives. Requests for job audits must be approved by the appropriate executive vice president or chief information officer, prior to review by Human Resources. Any change recommended as a result of job audit must be authorized by the Board of Trustees prior to implementation.

From time to time, the college shall retain the services of an external consultant to conduct an overall review of a classification group(s), pay system(s), and/or the internal audit process. Such consultant shall be retained as authorized by board action, and any changes as a result of the external audit process shall only be final upon approval by the Board of Trustees.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 03/16/1995, 10/07/1999