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Each quarter the KOPS Advisory Committee gathers important safety facts to share with the JCCC community.

Stay Safe and Smart this Spring

Managing a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors requires forethought and preparation.

Our Police Department, Emergency Management Director and KOPS Advisory Committee all dedicate numerous hours over the course of the year to investigating, researching and evaluating many different avenues for keeping our campus and satellite locations as safe and secure as possible.

Safety and Security at JCCC

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Severe Weather Season

Tornado Watches and Warnings

Procedures keep us safe

In the event that a Tornado Watch or other severe weather is issued for our area, the following will take place:

  • A JCCC Alert text message and email will be sent to JCCC faculty, students and staff informing them of inclement weather.
  • Building Emergency Leaders (BELs) will be notified and placed on alert.

You should continue with your daily routine; however, you should remain alert to the possibility of severe weather and be prepared to act accordingly.

If a Tornado Warning is issued for our area, the following will occur:

  • External warning sirens will be activated outdoors along with an internal public address system announcement alerting of the need to take immediate shelter.
  • Other College emergency notification systems will also be activated (text, email, phones, digital signs, computers and social media).
  • Stay away from windows and exterior doors.
  • Notice will be issued to BELs and floor monitors to assist with sheltering.
  • Promptly move to your designated storm security area. If you do not know where that is, refer to or reference emergency floor plan posters located throughout each building and classroom.
  • Remain in your designated storm security area until an official warning expiration message is issued or announced via the public address system text and email message.

Note: If the facility is damaged, evacuate the area after the storm passes (following direction of emergency building personnel) and stay clear of the damaged area.

Be aware of fallen debris, downed power lines and gas leaks. Report any injuries by calling ext. 4111 or 913-469-2500.

Get the FEMA App: A Simple and Easy-to-use Safety Tool
Screenshot of the FEMA app

  • Receive fast and reliable weather alerts from the National Weather Service for up to five different locations nationwide.
  • Learn how to prepare for emergencies and useful tips to keep you and your loved ones safe before, during and after disasters.
  • Locate open shelters and disaster resource centers near you.
  • Submit photos of damage in your area.
  • Prepare your emergency kit, make a family plan and set reminders.


Stay Informed with NotifyJoCo


NotifyJoCo is a mass notification system designed to keep Johnson County residents, businesses, people who work in or visit the county and others informed of emergencies in Johnson County, including weather warnings, water main breaks, public safety alerts and natural disasters. Local authorities in partner communities use NotifyJoCo to alert you and keep you informed.

NotifyJoCo is a partnership among Johnson County, WaterOne and participating cities. Register for NotifyJoCo to get real-time messages from the county, your public water and wastewater utilities and any partner cities you choose.

Keep track of what’s going on near your home, your workplace, your children’s school and daycare and more. Customize your locations and contact preferences to get alerts at home, at work, by phone, email or text. You can also set your preferences to stay informed of non-emergency events like public meetings, city sports events and local festivals.

Accidents Happen — and Sometimes They Happen at Work

If you’re injured while working at JCCC, it’s important that you report any incident as soon as possible for evaluation as a workers’ compensation claim.

Take a minute to review the What to Do if You’re Injured InfoHub page (login required), and download the What To Do If You're Injured Wallet Card (PDF) to keep on your smartphone as a reminder.