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Emergency Preparedness training

ALICE Training

Enhancements to ALICE Training®

Navigate360, the nation’s leader in holistic school safety solutions, has announced the launch of enhancements to ALICE Training®, the original civilian proactive, options-based armed intruder response program designed to motivate individuals to participate in their own survival in the face of violence.

The principles of ALICE have not changed; however, the course enhancements arrange the strategies into two distinct buckets of training:

  • AWARENESS AND COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES: Situational Awareness, Alert and Inform
  • RESPONSE OPTIONS: Evacuate, Enhanced Lockdown and Counter. 

Other enhancements include:

  • Age- and ability-appropriate armed intruder response training using a trauma-informed approach
  • Safety skills to build confidence in students and staff — training they can use anytime and anywhere they become unwilling participants in acts of violence 

JCCC uses a blended learning approach:

  • an eLearning module for all new employees
  • an instructor-led course from an ALICE Certified Instructor that empowers participants to respond proactively to unsafe situations
  • guided scenarios to help participants understand how to proactively respond to violent situations

What is a trauma-informed approach?

A trauma-informed approach is guided by the concept of the “Four R’s:”

  • Realize – Trainers must have a basic understanding of what trauma is and how it affects the physical, emotional and mental health of participants.
  • Recognize – Trainers should be able to recognize the signs of trauma.
  • Respond – Trainers should apply a trauma-informed approach when responding to participants.
  • Resist re-traumatization – Resist re-traumatization during active shooter safety drills with open discussion and debriefing when necessary.

Implementing the “Four Rs” can help trainers deliver trauma-informed practices that seek to provide a culture of physical, social and emotional safety for all ALICE training participants.

Other Emergency Preparedness training offered at JCCC:

  • Stop the Bleed
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Emergency Preparedness 101

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