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Impact the future workforce!

Connect with talented students and share your professional industry experience with JCCC’s Job Shadow Mentoring Program. You may meet your future employee!

Why become a mentor?

Developing the skills of prospective talent is a rewarding experience for mentors and mentees. Strengthen your knowledge as you advise your student on industry best practices. Demonstrate your leadership skills to your employer as you expand your organization’s professional network. Establish effective interpersonal abilities with each conversation—highly sought after in today’s workplace.

What is JCCC’s Job Shadowing Program?

JCCC’s one-time job shadowing experience is a free and effective way to build your organization’s relationship with the College and provide unparalleled career development to an aspiring professional.

As a Mentor, you provide a pivotal opportunity for currently enrolled JCCC students in good standing to engage in career exploration. JCCC’s Career Development Center prepares the student for their job shadowing experience, starting with a goal setting meeting with the employer relations coordinator, followed by a one-on-one visit with you and concluding with a guided reflection from the student. 

How do I become a mentor?

  1. Register online.
  2. Once registered, create an account.
  3. Customize your settings, providing complete information along with your résumé for students to view.
  4. Get ready to mentor!

For questions, contact the Career Development Center at or call 913-469-3870.

How do I provide a quality job shadowing visit?

Expect to host the student for two to four hours, depending on your availability. Students are eager to learn about your profession, so set aside time to answer questions about your job, career path, education, and industry. Conduct a tour of the work environment and allow the student to observe you conducting daily tasks and responsibilities. 

Students have been provided with a Student Guide to Job Shadowing, which includes questions to ask, what to expect and how to prepare for a successful job shadowing experience. Prior to the job shadowing visit, please address the following items: 

  • Time, date, and duration of the job shadowing experience
  • Any special instructions concerning the mentor’s office or site, such as what to wear, what to bring or where to park
  • Your contact information, including the site address and who/how to contact in case the job shadowing experience needs to be rescheduled
  • Brief overview or informal schedule of events for the visit

Your student is excited to discover what a day-in-the-life looks like in your industry. Every job shadowing experience is different, and these activities can help each student make the most out of their career exploration process:

  • Talk about your background: discuss the ins and outs of your job and organization, your own education, career path and the industry in general
  • Take a tour: a walk through your office or site gives a fantastic overview of your work environment
  • Showcase your work: allow time to observe your daily tasks, such as a specific project, client meetings or collaborating with co-workers on a shared project
  • Suggest action steps: guide your student toward industry resources, suggest internships or other opportunities to gain experience in your field and provide ideas for continuous learning

Keep in touch with your student and see how their education progresses. Feel free to offer ongoing mentorship, contact information or a LinkedIn request. While not required, our students are motivated to learn more about their career options and would welcome your support!