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Your business will benefit from hiring JCCC students. Cultivate the next generation of leaders.

The free services we offer include:

  • Recruiting opportunities
  • Job posting database
  • Job shadowing and internship opportunities
Talk to Us About Internships and Job Shadowing

Leslie Washington
Coordinator, Internship and Employer Relations



Posting jobs

We’re your direct link to the talent you need. Our students are actively looking for jobs, whether part-time as they finish their education or full-time to start their careers upon graduation.

We recommend posting open jobs in JobLinksSM.

JobLinks is a free job posting database for JCCC students and alumni, community members and employers. To use JobLinks:

  1. Download JobLinks Instructions for Employers (PDF)
  2. Create and register your account
  3. Access and update your account through the Employer JobLinks Login


Internships are built-in recruitment tools with many benefits* to you, including:

  • Bring in talented students to contribute to your organization’s goals and mission
  • Free up time for your full-time staff to increase productivity
  • Foster leadership skills in current employees who work with interns
  • Increase your visibility to other JCCC students

We will work with you to develop an internship program that meets your goals while also providing the educational value our students need to gain real-world experience.

For unpaid internships, please refer to the Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines.


Increase your visibility and name awareness to attract top talent. Although on-campus recruiting has been temporarily suspended, we will be setting up virtual recruiting soon through JobLinks. Be sure to set up your JobLinks Employer account (PDF) so you’ll have access. Log in and update your account through the Employer JobLinks Login. Email Carol Gard or call 913-469-8500, ext. 3635 with questions.