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Admission to the JCCC Pastry/Baking Certificate program is selective and only sixteen students are admitted in the fall of each academic year.

To qualify for application to the program, students must have completed (with a grade of C or higher) or be currently enrolled in the following prerequisite courses:

HMGT 120-Food Service Sanitation

HMGT 223-Fundamentals of Baking

(Substitutions for courses completed at other institutions may be accepted; see department for details.)

Selective admission programs are not eligible for the 60+ reduced tuition rate.

Application Deadline

For consideration by the faculty selection committee, complete application packets must be submitted by March 30, for admission into the program beginning fall semester of the same calendar year.

All applications will be reviewed and scored by the faculty selection committee. Once scoring is complete, the top ranked 32 candidates will be invited to interview in person. Interview scores will then be combined with the admission packet scores and the candidates will be ranked according to the total.

The top 16 candidates will be notified via email and/or phone that they have been selected for admission on May 1.

Once the initial offers are made, the selected candidates will have two weeks to accept/notify the selection committee of their intention to register for the program in the fall.

Any positions that are not accepted after two weeks will be offered to other qualified candidates in descending order as they are ranked, and these candidates will then have two weeks to accept.  This process will continue until all positions are filled.

Application Materials

Required contents of the application packet:

Download the Application Selection Criteria

  1. Complete official application form (PDF).
  2. Unofficial transcripts. (15 points)

These must include all pertinent college experience and show enrollment in or completion of the two prerequisite courses.  (Students currently enrolled in prerequisite courses must successfully complete those courses with a grade of C or higher to be admitted into the program.)  All previous education will be considered with more points awarded for pastry and baking courses, culinary courses and other hospitality courses.  The selection committee reserves the right to require submission of official transcripts as needed.

Short Essay (35 points)

Candidates should address the following topics, each as a separate page.  All should be typed, double-spaced and use the standard rules of English composition and grammar.

  1. Explain at least two of your long-term professional and/or career goals and how the JCCC the Pastry/Baking Certificate Program could assist you in attaining those goals.
  2. Describe personal and/or professional characteristics that would make you stand out from other candidates for selection into the program.
  3. Define two personal or professional strengths and two personal or professional weaknesses. Explain how you think the JCCC Pastry/Baking program might sharpen your strengths and improve your weaknesses.
  4. Identify and explain at least one current pastry/baking trend, new product or cutting-edge skill or technique. Discuss how and where a professional baker or pastry chef might successfully utilize this. Describe how you might learn about or use this in the JCCC Pastry/Baking Certificate Program.
  5. Explain how your admission into the program would improve the educational experience for other students in the course.
  6. Describe how you envision the baking and pastry profession or industry in ten years and explain what you think will change.
Résumé (25 points)

Résumé assistance is available through the JCCC Career Development Center.

Points are awarded for professional appearance of the résumé and all working experience with more points going for related experience. A candidate with two years’ experience in a bake shop will be rated higher than one with five years at an engineering firm.  Experience in the hospitality industry is highly regarded.

One or more letters of recommendation (25 points)

Points are awarded for the quality and enthusiasm exhibited in the letter(s). More points are earned from letters written by former employers, secondly those written by former teachers and last for personal recommendations. Letters that describe a strong work ethic, reliability (especially attendance record) and enthusiasm will be highly regarded.

Bonus content that can add extra points:

  1. Proof of Johnson County, Kansas residency. (5 points)
  2. Proof of residency in other Kansas counties or Missouri. (3 points)
  3. Transcripts showing completion of the JCCC course, HMGT 123-Professional Cooking I. (grade of C=2 points, B=4 points, A=6 points)
  4. Transcripts showing completion of the JCCC course, HMGT 240-Advanced Baking. (grade of C=2 points, B=4 points, A=6 points)
  5. Transcripts showing completion of the JCCC course, HMGT 248-Confectionary Art. (grade of C=2 points, B=4 points, A=6 points)
  6. Previously submitted application to the program where the applicant was not admitted. (10 points for each previous submission)


In person interview. (50 points)

The interview will last approximately 15-20 minutes. In person interviews will be scheduled in the WHCA conference room in the month of April, annually. Only in extreme circumstances will digital interviews be allowed via Zoom.

Each applicant will be asked the same questions and the interviewer will assign a score.  Questions will cover knowledge of the field, student challenges, teamwork, communication, sanitation issues and specific situational scenarios. The interviewer(s) will attempt to discern the following personal and professional characteristics that are valued in the admissions process because they are proven indicators of potential student success:

  • The candidate is professional, personable, and possesses a positive attitude.
  • The candidate looks for the best in others and supports others’ success as much as they endeavor to succeed.
  • The candidate is an active listener and participates in the classroom/kitchen setting; answering instructor’s questions and participating in class discussions.
  • The candidate can accept professional, constructive criticism in the spirit of learning and understanding.
  • The candidate possesses superior “soft-skills” and can work with others well in a professional kitchen environment.
  • The candidate possesses manual dexterity and tactile sensitivity.
  • The candidate is able and willing to stand for extended periods of time, lift heavy objects, and is not afraid to ask for assistance when the physical demands of the bakeshop are too much for one person to handle.
For more information, email Damian Fraase or call, 913-469-8500 ext. 3613.