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Financial Aid Policy 313.01
Johnson County Community College
Series: 300 Students
Section: Tuition and Financial Aid

Applicability: This Policy applies to all Johnson County Community College (“JCCC” or the “College”) students.

Purpose: The purpose of this Policy is to explain JCCC’s participation in financial aid programs and basic student eligibility.


Financial Aid Programs

Students who meet basic federal eligibility requirements and Satisfactory Academic Progress standards may qualify for financial assistance through federal, state or College-organized funding.

  1. Federal and State Programs

The College will seek participation in federal and state student aid programs that are available to two-year public institutions. The College will comply with all regulations governing the various programs.

  1. College Programs

Based on the availability of resources, the Board of Trustees may elect to authorize funds for student assistance programs from general or student activity revenue.

Application for Financial Aid

Students who apply for financial aid at JCCC will be required to complete and submit all appropriate application materials by the published deadlines. A new application is required each fall semester, which is the start of the financial aid year. Financial aid will be packaged and disbursed based on the criteria established and availability of funds. Information about financial aid opportunities is maintained by the Financial Aid Office.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require that a student must make Satisfactory Academic Progress toward an eligible certificate, degree or transfer program in order to be eligible to receive aid from any federal or state aid programs.

The College maintains Satisfactory Academic Progress standards for evaluating a student's academic efforts to achieve an educational goal that will comply with all federal regulations and the intent of all relevant statutes. In addition to all federal and state aid programs, the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards will be applied to all students receiving any type of aid from the College.


Students may appeal any decision by the College that could cause them to lose their eligibility for financial assistance. Appeals must be submitted using the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form to the Financial Aid Office by the posted deadlines, signed by the student and academic counselor (if required), and include a statement from the student articulating the reason for appeal, the student’s success plan, and any other supporting documentation. The SAP Appeal Form and documentation will be reviewed by a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Committee to determine if the student has documented sufficient mitigating circumstances that prevented the student from maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress and outlined a feasible plan for success. The decision of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Committee is final. The student will be informed in writing of the Committee's decision.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 06/16/1994, 02/15/2001, 04/17/2014, 01/16/2020, 07/15/2021