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Student Trip/Travel Operating Procedure 318.09
Johnson County Community College
Series: 300 Students
Section: Student Activities

Cross-Reference: Student Trip/Travel Policy 318.08

The following Procedures are adopted in compliance with Student Trip/Travel Policy - 318.08.

JCCC Student Trip/Travel Procedures

JCCC seeks to promote safe travel by students, student teams and recognized student organizations to events and activities occurring beyond the boundaries of college property.  These Procedures apply to JCCC-related travel by individual students and recognized student organizations, when the travel is: i) sponsored by the JCCC Office of Student Life and ii) independent of Student Life sponsorship, but where an individual student or recognized student organization travels on behalf of, or with the financial support of, one or more recognized entities of JCCC.  These Procedures also apply to JCCC faculty and other JCCC employees or agents traveling with individual students or recognized student organizations on JCCC Travel.

General Procedures:

  1. Students participating in JCCC Travel must be accompanied by at least one JCCC faculty or JCCC employee or agent, acting as the event sponsor/advisor (“Event Sponsor(s)”).  JCCC will view the Event Sponsor(s) as the parties responsible for the trip. 
  2. The JCCC Travel Authorization form must be completed by the Event Sponsor(s) for all travel, which identifies the students’ and Event Sponsor(s)’ names and expenses.  Advance checks can be obtained for lodging, registration and student/Event Sponsor, meal money where appropriate, given adequate advance notice and with the submission of the proper request forms.
  3. A completed Off Campus Travel Packet must be filed with the Office of Student Life for any JCCC Travel prior to departure.  This packet includes a Trip Participation List, Hold Harmless Agreements and Trip Itinerary. 
  4. Prior to departure, Event Sponsor(s) must meet with those students traveling to discuss the planned itinerary, behavioral expectations and transportation details.  Each student must be presented a copy of the JCCC Student Code of Conduct, emphasizing that students traveling on a JCCC sponsored trip are subject to the JCCC Code of Conduct as if they were on campus.  This meeting also provides a good opportunity to obtain necessary signatures for the Off Campus Travel Packet.
  5. When making lodging accommodations, female students must be housed with female students and male students with male students.  Advisors must never be housed with students. 
  6. Students found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct may be sent home from the JCCC Travel at the student’s expense and other appropriate disciplinary action may be enforced.
  7. Travel outside of the United States will require additional approval by appropriate administrator.
  8. College administration may cancel travel for any reason it deems necessary, including but not limited to inclement weather conditions, travel advisories, funding or budget related matters, etc.
  9. Upon completion of travel, a Documentation and Expense Reimbursement form, complete with receipts, must be submitted to the Office of Student Life within five (5) days.
  10. Students traveling on behalf of JCCC or with the financial support of, one or more recognized entities of JCCC are prohibited from using personal vehicles for such travel.  This includes, but is not limited to, local travel to destinations such as the Kansas City International Airport and other local Kansas City metropolitan locations.
  11. Exceptions to these procedures may be made by the approval of the Assistant Dean, Student Life and Leadership Development, or his/her designee.

Signature on File in Policy Office

Date of Adoption: 02/16/2012