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Johnson County Community College
Series: 200 Administrative Services
Section: Travel and Reimbursement of Expenses

Cross-Reference: Reimbursement of Travel Expenses Policy 216.01

Applicability: This Operating Procedure applies to approval and reimbursement of Same Day Travel, which is College related travel that does not include an overnight stay. As an example, an early morning flight to St. Louis, Missouri, with a same day return is considered Same Day Travel.

I.  Expenses Covered:

A. Meal Expenses. The College will reimburse actual meal expenses incurred that have a clear business purpose directly related to JCCC and/or are furnished in conjunction with JCCC business matters which have been discussed before, during and after the meal. Meal reimbursement requests must include a listing of the name and affiliation of each person for whom a meal was purchased, as well as a brief description of the purpose of the meal which clearly justifies the reimbursement as a business expense of the College. Meals during Same Day Travel that include only JCCC employees will not be reimbursed.

B.   Non-Meal Expenses. Other expenses incurred during Same Day Travel will be processed in a manner consistent with reimbursement for Overnight Travel expenses as stated in Overnight Travel Operating Procedure.

II. Travel Expense Report Reimbursement:

Within 30 days after the Same Day Travel has been completed, the traveler must submit a detailed Out-of-pocket Expense Reimbursement Request. The amount and justification for each expense must be approved by the appropriate supervisor(s) and budget administrator(s).

Private auto mileage for each trip should be listed separately by date. Reimbursement for private auto mileage incurred for Same Day Travel will be computed at the IRS standard mileage reimbursement rate in use by the College on the date of travel using the lesser of:

  • The mileage from the employee’s JCCC work location and the site of the meeting; or
  • The mileage from the employee’s home and the site of the meeting (if traveling from home).

Mileage to and from the traveler’s home to the traveler’s JCCC work location is not reimbursable.

Each conference/meeting attended must also be reported separately, giving the location of the meeting, the name of the organization, the individuals attending, and their business affiliation.

III. Exceptions: Exceptions to this Operating Procedure may be approved by the President or his/her designee.

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Date of Adoption:
Revised: 05/24/2011; 08/14/2014