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Johnson County Community College
Series: 200 Administrative Services
Section: Travel and Reimbursement of Expenses

Cross-Reference: Reimbursement of Travel Expenses Policy 216.01

Applicability: This Operating Procedure applies to approval and reimbursement of travel expenses of Candidate Travel, which is travel by an out-of-town applicant for full-time, salaried employment at the invitation of the College.

I. Expenses Covered:

A.  Transportation. Transportation expenses will not be reimbursed if the candidate’s point of origin is within a 50 mile radius of the College.

1. Airfare: Expenses for one-half of the coach airfare using routes, schedules and airlines that provide the most reasonable and efficient rates will be reimbursable. For travelers electing to travel via alternate means of travel (i.e. private auto, train, rental car) when air travel is available, travel reimbursement will be limited to one-half of the lowest priced comparable coach airfare. The candidate shall be responsible for booking the flight arrangements, and shall provide the college with an original copy of the travel itinerary from the airline showing the flight schedule and flight cost.  This information will serve as documentation for reimbursement.

2. Mileage: Expenses for one-half of the actual mileage to and from the airport or otherwise incurred by the driver in conjunction with Candidate Travel will be reimbursable and shall not be more than one-half of the quoted coach airfare amount. A coach airfare quote, if available, is to be provided along with mileage documentation from an online map site for reimbursement. Mileage for use of the candidate's auto shall be the same as the IRS standard mileage reimbursement rate in use by the College on the date of the trip.

3. Ground Transportation: The College may arrange and pay for a College-approved shuttle service to and from Kansas City International airport. If the candidate elects to arrange for his/her own ground transportation (i.e. taxi, rental car, car service or other shuttle service), one-half of the expense will be reimbursable.

4. Traffic Violations: The cost of traffic violations incurred during Candidate Travel is the responsibility of the traveler, and is not reimbursable by the College.

B.  Lodging. The College may arrange and pay for up to two nights of lodging at a hotel of the College’s choice. The hiring supervisor shall be responsible for making the hotel reservations and indicating that it will be a "direct bill" when the reservation is made.  Only candidates whose point of origin is outside of a 100 mile radius from the College qualify for paid lodging. If the candidate elects to use a hotel not pre-approved by the College, he/she will be responsible for making reservations and reimbursement will be limited to the nightly rate at a College-approved hotel for those dates. Check-in and check-out must occur within 24 hours of the scheduled interview.

C.  Meals and Incidental Expenses. The College will reimburse meals and incidental expenses for trips requiring an overnight stay on a per diem basis according to rates published by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The per diem will be prorated on the first and last day of College-related travel based on time of departure and return, and will be reduced for meals provided. Expenses for meals, meal gratuities, snacks, hot and cold beverages, candy, gum, and fees and tips given to porters, baggage carriers, and hotel staff are part of the per diem and thus are not separately reimbursable. Reimbursement will not be made for any alcoholic beverages.

D. Miscellaneous Expenses. The College will reimburse one-half of any other eligible travel expenses, such as parking and baggage fees. The candidate must provide receipts to obtain reimbursement for these expenses. Personal items including but not limited to laundry, dry cleaning, movies and any other personal services or items are not reimbursable and must be paid by the candidate.

II. Travel Authorization, Approval and Reimbursement:

In order for the College to approve travel and/or to prepay and reimburse Candidate Travel expenses, the hiring supervisor and the candidate must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Prior to inviting a candidate to the College from out-of-town for an interview, the interview committee must conduct a phone interview to screen candidates being considered for the position. 

Step 2: Following the phone interviews of all candidates under consideration, the interview committee chair will work with the hiring supervisor to determine if one or more out-of-town candidates are to be invited to campus for an interview.  Prior to inviting an out-of-town candidate to campus, the hiring supervisor must complete Part I of the Application for Candidate Reimbursement form and submit the form to the Office of Human Resources for approval. Candidate Travel from outside the United States requires prior written approval from an executive vice president over Human Resources.

Step 3: The Office of Human Resources will notify the interviewing department if Candidate Travel is approved. The interviewing department shall then contact the out-of-town candidate to invite him/her to campus for interview.

Step 4: Travel arrangements should be made by the candidate, unless the College is responsible for arranging and prepaying the expense as set forth in this Operating Procedure, in which case the interviewing department will be responsible for making arrangements and reservations. Travel arrangements should be made as soon as possible after the interview is scheduled.

Step 5: After the Candidate Travel is completed and the candidate has submitted a W-9 form and any required receipts, the hiring supervisor shall complete Part II of the Application for Candidate Reimbursement form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources will coordinate with the Office of Procurement to administer the reimbursement.

After completion of the travel and submission of all required documentation, the College will issue a reimbursement check to the candidate for all eligible travel expenses.

III. Candidates Eligible for Full Reimbursement:

A. Successful Candidates. If a candidate from out-of-town is selected for the position and approved by the Board of Trustees, the College will reimburse the remaining half of airfare/mileage travel expenses for that selected candidate after the employee’s employment start date. The selected employee should work with the Office of Human Resources to request the additional one-half of travel expenses on an Out-Pocket-Expense Reimbursement Request form which must be submitted within 30 days of the employee’s start date.

B. Candidates for Executive Positions. Candidates for executive vice president level positions or higher will be eligible for full reimbursement of eligible expenses incurred during Candidate Travel.

IV. Exceptions: Exceptions to this Operating Procedure may be approved by the President or his/her designee.

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Date of Adoption:
Revised: 05/24/2011; 08/14/2014