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Tuberculosis Testing Policy 321.01
Johnson County Community College
Series: 300 Students
Section: Registration, Assessment, Auditing and Scheduling Classes

In compliance with Kansas law (K.S.A.65-129e), all JCCC students who are considered high risk for Tuberculosis (TB) must provide TB test results prior to the start of the semester. A student will be considered high risk for TB if he/she has signs and symptoms of active TB, has been in contact with a person who has been diagnosed with active TB, or has traveled to, resided in for more than three months, or was born in any country where TB is endemic as identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Any student who is not in compliance with this Policy is not eligible to attend classes or enroll for a subsequent semester or term or obtain an official academic transcript or diploma until the student is compliant with the requirements.

Date of Adoption: 11/18/2010
Revised: 06/19/2014