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Non-Students on Campus Policy 314.10
Johnson County Community College
Series: 300 Students
Section: Academic Policies

Non-Students in the Classroom

Only those Johnson County Community College (JCCC) students who have been officially admitted, enrolled and listed on a course roster and non-student individuals with prior approval from JCCC may attend a class at the College.

Non-Students on Campus

Non-students may be excluded from certain areas of the campus reserved for student use or College operations, including but not limited to laboratories, testing centers and offices. These individual areas may implement their own guidelines regarding access by non-students.

Non-students on campus are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with all federal and state laws and regulations, and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with all JCCC Policies and Procedures. Any violations of these laws and/or Policies and Procedures could result in corrective action taken by the College.

Unattended Children on Campus

Children should not be left unattended on campus in a manner that presents a safety or health risk to the child or campus community or is disruptive to College operations. College personnel cannot be responsible for overseeing children who are left unattended and may contact the JCCC Police Department for intervention if a child is found left unattended.

Date of Adoption: 01/19/2006
Revised: 03/24/2011, 04/17/2014, 04/18/2019