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Parking and Personal Transportation Policy 640.00
Johnson County Community College
Series: 600 Safety and Security
Section: Campus Security and Control

Cross-Reference: Parking and Personal Transportation Operating Procedure 640.01

Applicability: This Policy applies to the Johnson County Community College (“JCCC” or “College”) campus community, including all students, personnel, and visitors.

Purpose: This Policy is intended to govern the use of motor vehicles, bicycles, skateboards and other methods of personal transportation on JCCC campuses.


I. General and Specified Parking

The College provides free parking in designated areas on the JCCC main campus, the OHEC campus and at its other campus locations. JCCC parking lots may be marked with signs designating areas for students, visitors, personnel, accessible parking, motorcycles/motor scooters, electric vehicles, carpooling, LEED Qualifying Low Emission certified vehicles, and other specified personnel.  JCCC parking lots are also marked with signs in locations where towing may occur for unauthorized parking of vehicles. Overnight parking is not permitted unless authorized by parking control and/or JCCC Police Department.

Responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Individuals who do not comply with campus parking regulations will be cited for the violation (ticketed) and vehicles may be towed in accordance with the Parking and Personal Transportation Operating Procedure 640.01.

JCCC cannot be responsible for property damage or stolen property from campus parking areas. Individuals are encouraged to take measures to secure their vehicles and all other property in the campus parking areas from theft, damage or other loss.

II. Bicycles

Bicycles are permitted on JCCC campuses and do not need to be registered. Bicycles must be placed in designated bicycle racks, and it is recommended that the owner secure the bike with a lock. Bikes may not be placed at rails, lamp posts, trees or inside of buildings. Bicycles left on campus for a period of 30 days or longer will be considered abandoned and will be removed and disposed of in accordance with the JCCC Police Department procedures for lost and found property.

III. Skateboards, Roller Blades, Non-Motorized Scooters and Electronic Personal Assistive Mobility Devices (EPAMDs, including Segways, hoverboards and self-balancing electric scooters)

For the safety of the campus community, skateboards, roller blades, non-motorized scooters and EPAMDs are prohibited on all JCCC campuses, other than EPAMDs allowed in accordance with JCCC Access Services guidelines.

IV. Motorcycles and Motor Scooters

Motorcycles and motor scooters are considered motor vehicles and their operators are required to comply with all parking and traffic regulations.

V. Tickets, Fines & Towing

Individuals and/or vehicles found to be in violation of this Policy will be ticketed, fined and/or towed as set forth in the JCCC Parking and Personal Transportation Operating Procedure 640.01 and in accordance with any other applicable municipal, state or federal law. Appeals will be permitted as set forth in the JCCC Parking and Personal Transportation Operating Procedure 640.01.

Students with unpaid fines/fees related to parking and personal transportation violations will not be permitted to add/drop classes, enroll in future classes or obtain a copy of their transcript until such time as the fees/fines are paid in full. Personnel with unpaid fines/fees related to parking and personal transportation violations will have a hold placed on their account. Additionally, students may be referred to the Dean of Students for discipline under the Student Code of Conduct and personnel may be referred to Human Resources for discipline.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 01/27/1992, 07/23/1992, 02/15/2001, 11/15/2001, 10/21/2004, 01/15/2009, 01/17/2013 (Previously versions: 324.00 – Student Parking; 324.01- Regular; 324.02 – Handicapped; 324.03 – Bicycles; 324.04 – Skateboards and Roller Blades and 419.12), 04/21/2016 (Previous version: Parking Policy 640.00), 07/16/2020