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Johnson County Community College
Series: 400 Personnel
Section: Hiring and Onboarding

It is the objective of the College to hire the best qualified candidates. The determination of best qualified will be at College's sole discretion. Recruitment activities will be conducted for each vacancy to the extent that is practicable to assure a pool of well-qualified candidates.

Posting Vacancies

When positions at the College are or will become vacant, a notice of vacancy will be prepared and distributed in accordance with procedures established by the Office of Human Resources.

Applications for Employment

Each candidate for employment will be required to make written application indicating qualifications for a position on the form and in the manner provided by Human Resources. Additional information required to be submitted with the application, such as references or certifications, will be specified in the individual posting of vacancy.

Screening Applications

Human Resources shall be responsible for establishing procedures for screening all employment applications on the basis of bona fide occupational qualifications. On the basis of the screening of applications, employment interviews will be granted.

Employment Interviews

Applicants recommended for employment with the College will be interviewed by one or more representatives of the College.

Appointment to Position

All employees of the College will be employed by action of the Board of Trustees upon recommendation for employment by Human Resources. Human Resources will recommend to the Board of Trustees all candidates to be approved for hire stating rate of pay, classification and status. Human Resources may, in its sole discretion, appoint a person to a vacancy on a contingent basis, pending approval by the Board of Trustees, for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days.


Exceptions to this Policy must be approved by the President or a vice president over Human Resources.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 03/15/2018