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The college scholars program showcases faculty excellence in research fields that go beyond the classroom to make scholarly contributions to knowledge within the professor's academic discipline.

The application instructions are in InfoHub. Use your JCCC username and password to download it.


  • Successful applicants will deliver two presentations. One will be an evening lecture in which the topic is tailored for a general audience. The other will be a daytime presentation tailored for students, faculty, and staff. Both presentations must deliver information or research-in-progress beyond the normal pedagogical content of a JCCC course.
  • Successful applicants must either visit two classes as an invited guest, or lead a faculty seminar/colloquium in consultation with Staff Development.
  • The public presentations, class visits, and faculty seminar should focus on a topical theme to be explained in the application. Successful applicants are expected to help promote their presentations, help arrange for their own class visits, and work with the college scholars committee to coordinate all other details. The Faculty Development office will assist with making arrangements.
  • All instructors full-time or part-time are eligible to apply. Successful applicants must wait one year before applying again, and must apply with a different topic.
  • Successful applicants will receive a total award of $2,000. If the applicant can prove financial need related to the completion of the project, half will be awarded at the end of the spring semester, the other after the applicant has completed his/her presentations.
  • All applications must demonstrate evidence of expertise within their academic disciplines relevant to the topic being proposed. These may include publications or articles about the faculty member's work in refereed journals, international, national, or regional recognition, or other venues. Successful applicants must provide two letters of recommendation from scholars outside of JCCC who can testify to the significance of their research in their larger academic discipline.
  • Four awards will be given annually. Successful applicants will be informed in April. The college scholars committee may weigh factors such as general interest, timeliness, relevance of topic, and representational qualities of the presentations in totality in making its decision.