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The JCCC short-term disability plan is a fully insured benefit with the Standard Insurance Company, which provides weekly payments if you should become disabled and cannot work. This coverage is provided by JCCC at no cost to the employee.

Disability is, generally, defined as being unable, as a result of physical disease, injury, pregnancy or mental disorder, to perform with reasonable continuity the material duties of your job and you suffer a loss of at least 20% of your pre-disability weekly earnings.

Should you become disabled and need to apply for the weekly short-term disability benefits, please contact the Benefits Office, Office of Human Resources, GEB 274, for a claim form.

All claim forms must be completed by you and your health care provider and returned to the Benefits Office in a timely manner.

Weekly Benefit Amount

The weekly benefit amount is equal to 65% of your basic weekly earnings at the time you become disabled (rounded up to the nearest dollar) and becomes effective after you have been on the job for at least three (3) months. The weekly benefit amount will not exceed $2,000/week.

  • Employees who work 12 months each year will have their weekly benefits based on 52 weeks/year.
  • Employees who work 10 months each year will have their weekly benefits based on 42 weeks/year.
  • Employees who work nine months each year will have their weekly benefits based on 38 weeks/year.

If you work less than a 12-month schedule, you will not be eligible to receive short-term disability benefits during the period not on contract/actively at work.

Maximum Benefit Period

You will receive weekly benefits for any period in which you are deemed disabled, up to 26 weeks after you satisfy the elimination period.

Elimination Period

Your weekly benefits will begin after you have satisfied a 14-calendar-day elimination period with weekly benefits starting on the 15th consecutive day of disability.

You will be considered disabled on any day only if you are not in active service for any part of that day with the elimination period beginning on the first full day you are unable to work.