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KPERS is a state-wide defined benefit retirement plan that provides a monthly benefit upon your retirement. Eligible JCCC employees are required to participate in KPERS. All JCCC employees hired in a covered position must contribute 6 percent of their monthly gross earnings to KPERS.

After five years of service, you become vested and are guaranteed a retirement benefit even if you leave covered employment. You can receive reduced benefits from KPERS beginning as early as age 55 if you have 10 years of service.

Please utilize the following link that will take you to the KPERS member portal where you can access the KPERS Membership Guide publication and find more detailed information on KPERS benefits

NOTE:  JCCC KPERS retirees who go to work for another KPERS Retirement System employer (including JCCC) are subject to KPERS post-retirement earnings limitation provisions. Information on the earnings limitation provisions are provided below and can be found utilizing the KPERS link above.

KPERS Post-Retirement Earnings Limitation – PDF