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For the purpose of administering this leave, "an administrative officer" shall mean a salaried employee who holds a full-time regular position that is classified for wage and salary purposes at Grade Level 18 or above.

An administrative officer will become eligible for a two-month paid administrative leave after four (4) consecutive years of service to the college in an administrative position as defined above. Four years of consecutive service shall also be required for eligibility after any sabbatical leave or a previous administrative leave.

An administrative leave may be granted for any activity that, in the judgment of the president, will contribute to personal and professional growth. It will be the responsibility of the administrative officer to demonstrate clearly how a particular work, study, or travel plan will accomplish this objective. The proposal will be set forth in writing on such forms as the administration shall from time to time determine.

The proposal for administrative leave shall include a letter of support from the administrative officer's immediate supervisor. The supervisor shall also include a statement providing details on how the job responsibilities will be covered during the administrative officer's absence. Additional costs to the college shall not accrue for replacement of personnel for individuals granted such leaves.

In those cases where an administrative officer applies for and receives an administrative leave and is employed for work with an outside employer approved by the college, the payment from college funds (even though entitled to receive regular salary) shall be no more than the difference between the employee's college salary and the salary received during the outside employment. In the event the employee shall receive payment compensation from the outside employer in an amount the same as or more than their college contract, no salary will be paid by the college. An administrative officer on administrative leave shall not be eligible for any supplemental contract assignment at the college during the time of the administrative leave.

Such administrative leaves shall be at the discretion and approval of the college president, subject to staffing and other administrative considerations. Approval of such leaves shall be reported to the Board of Trustees.