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Tutoring Accommodations

Tutors are available across campus in curriculum-specific resource centers and the Academic Achievement Center, but if you have a documented disability and need additional tutoring, contact the Access Services office.

Approval of Access tutoring is dependent on disability documentation, class description, availability of tutors for a particular subject, and individual need and history. Not all students using services through Access Services qualify for tutoring. Tutoring needs are determined on an individual, case-by-case basis.

If you need tutoring assistance, you should first use the JCCC resources available to all students on campus. These include:

  • Academic Achievement Center – OCB 304
  • Language Resource Center – LIB 225
  • Math Resource Center – CLB 212
  • Science Resource Center – CLB 112A
  • Writing Center – LIB 308
  • Sign Language interpreters are scheduled in both the Writing and Math Centers each semester. Please contact Matt Gwynn to obtain a schedule.
  • Department tutors - ask your professor if a department tutor is available.

If you feel that you need additional tutoring support because of your disability, or if the tutoring need is in another area of study, you should contact an Access advisor or the Deaf Services coordinator.

If Tutoring Is Approved

  • A tutoring contract detailing both your and the tutor’s responsibilities will be signed. Contact information for both you and the tutor will be included.
  • You must attend class on a regular basis to receive tutoring. If you are not attending class, your tutoring will be suspended. If nonattendance due to disability becomes an issue, contact an Access advisor or Deaf Services coordinator.
  • Homework should be attempted prior to a tutoring session. The tutor is not responsible for teaching material that you have missed. The session should be used to address problems encountered after homework is attempted or to address questions regarding specific subject matter.
  • If you miss two consecutive, or excessive, tutoring sessions during the semester, tutoring may be suspended. You will need to contact an Access advisor or the Deaf Services coordinator to have your tutoring accommodations reinstated.