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Note-Taking Accommodations

Students with disabilities may qualify to receive copies of class lecture notes. Our Access Services office will recruit a note taker by contacting other students on the class roster. Your identity is confidential and will not be disclosed.

For questions regarding note-taker services, send an email to our note takers.

Note Taker Assignments

Prior to the start of each semester, an email is sent to each student on the class roster requesting a student volunteer to be note taker.

The note-taker coordinator will select and assign your note taker. You and your professor will receive an email from our note-taker coordinator indicating the name of the note taker. If your request has not been assigned by the first week of classes or there are any requests made after the first day of classes, our Access Services staff may use alternate methods to recruit and assign note takers.

If you would like to recruit your own note taker, please discuss this with an Access advisor when you meet to set up your accommodations.

How to Use the Accommodation

If possible, you should try to take notes while you are in class and use the notes from the note taker to add or clarify information you may have missed. This will allow you to develop your listening, writing and reading skills, and facilitates your success as a student.

The note taker will give you a copy of the notes after class so that you can review the material that was covered during the class session. Introducing yourself to the note taker will make it easier for you to get the notes following each class.

  • If needed, your professor can introduce you to your note taker.
  • If you prefer to remain anonymous, there is a file located in the Student Success Center where note takers will drop off notes for you to pick up. You should pick up notes from your file on a regular basis.

Suspension of Accommodation

Your note taker accommodation may be temporarily suspended for the following reasons:

  • You miss more than 3 consecutive class periods.
  • You have excessive absences.
  • You have an excessive amount of notes that you have not picked up in the Success Center.
  • Your interaction with your note taker is deemed inappropriate as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.


  • If you have a note taker in any of your classes, you are expected to attend all classes unless illness or a personal emergency prevents you from attending.
  • Access Services is not responsible for providing notes to you if you are absent from class for reasons that are not disability-related.

If you experience problems with a note taker, you should try resolving the matter by:

  • Discussing the problem with the note taker first. Issues might include the organization of the notes, legible handwriting or missing information. 
  • Asking the professor to review the notes if there is a question about the quality.
  • If you continue to have a problem with issues regarding notetaking or class attendance, contact an Access advisor.

Become a Note Taker

Opportunities are available each semester for JCCC students interested in taking class notes for students with documented disabilities. Students should check their accounts regularly for notification that a note taker is needed in their class. For questions regarding becoming a note taker, send an email to our note takers.