Elevator Malfunction

1. If you become trapped in an elevator, use the emergency telephone within the elevator car.
  • Remain calm
  • Activate the on-board emergency telephone, which notifies JCCC Campus Police OR call 913-469-2500 from a cell phone.
  • Assist in keeping occupants calm and wait for help to arrive.
  • Do not try to force open an elevator door.
  • Do not crawl out of an elevator without assistance from authorized personnel.

2. If you are not inside the elevator but hear a problem or a person in need of help, please take the following actions:

Call ext. 4111 from a campus phone or call 913-469-2500 from a cell phone to notify the JCCC Campus Police Department.

Give the police dispatcher the following information:

  • Name of building, your name and cell phone number (if applicable).
  • Location within the building of malfunctioning elevator.
  • Where the elevator car is stopped, if known.
  • Whether a medical emergency exists.

Before you hang up, make sure the dispatcher has all the information they need.

Keep the occupants calm and wait for help to arrive.