Concealed Carry on Campus

The latest information from the college about plans related to a Kansas statute which will allow the concealed carry of handguns in college facilities beginning July 1, 2017.

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A Message from Executive Vice President Barbara Larson

November 1, 2016

Dear Colleagues:

As I wrote in April of this year, helping to ensure the safety of our students, employees and visitors remains the college’s highest priority. Working with the KOPS advisory committee, college administration has been actively preparing for the change that will allow concealed carry of handguns in our facilities beginning July 1, 2017. The KOPS advisory committee sponsored a second open forum on October 19, 2016. At the forum, we presented the framework and rationale for an updated weapons policy to address concealed carry. We are at the point of publishing the draft weapons policy and want to hear your feedback. Please use the "Submit Feedback" button at the top of this page.

I want to emphasize that this policy statement is a draft. The Board of Trustees is expected to take final action to adopt an updated policy sometime in spring 2017. It's possible that further developments in the legislature would alter the draft policy language, so we want to give the campus community and the Board ample time for consideration before the draft policy is finalized. A final updated policy will be in place prior to July 1, 2017.

We plan to hold various educational sessions on the updated policy as it is rolled out. Also, we will prepare Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) based on questions we receive. The FAQs will provide more detailed responses than the broader policy statement.

In addition to the draft policy updates, we remain focused on security and preparedness initiatives. Our professional, responsive police force, the ALICE training and other exercises in which so many have participated, and the communications systems in place to notify the campus of incidents, all contribute to creating a safe and welcoming campus for students, employees and visitors.

Thank you to members of the KOPS advisory committee and to the campus community for your diligence as we prepare for this change.


— Barbara Larson, Executive Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services

April 22, 2016 Message from Barbara Larson


August 2012
Instituted A.L.I.C.E. Armed Intruder Training campus wide
February 2013
Instituted Space Security Task Force in response to A.L.I.C.E. Training
June 2013
JCCC Board considers and adopts 6-month temporary concealed carry exemption period
July 1, 2013
Personal and Family Protection Act becomes law in Kansas
September 23, 2013
Concealed carry faculty/staff brown bag talks and OHEC/Student Senate discussions on concealed carry
November 2013
Board considers and adopts 4-year concealed carry exemption; campus signage updated
July 1, 2015
New legislation allows concealed carry in Kansas without a permit
November 11, 2015
Student Senate sponsored Town Hall – concealed carry
November 13, 2015
Faculty sponsored Town Hall – concealed carry
November 2015
President forms KOPS Advisory Committee
January 2016
Faculty sponsored Safety Survey
March 10, 2016
College-wide communication regarding campus safety measures
April 2016
KOPS Advisory Committee sponsored – Staff & Student Safety Survey
April 22, 2016
KOPS Advisory Committee sponsored – Campus Safety Town Hall
October 19, 2016
KOPS Advisory Committee sponsored – Campus Safety Town Hall
Fall 2016
Draft weapons policy posted for comment
December 2016
Anticipated Board of Trustees review of draft policy
January-June 2017
Additional training offerings and safety programming
July 1, 2017
Current exemption in state law for Kansas higher education institutions expires
August 2017
Additional training offerings and safety programming