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Choose to Reuse - Get a Greenie

Steps to a greener everything ...

Dining Services promotes sustainability on campus. We have developed a plan to help make sustainability an easy and affordable way to purchase, discard and recycle food-related products to help our environment.

Green carabiner keychain for participation in JCCC recycle program.
If you have a green carabiner, you'll get a discount on your purchase with a greenie container.
Reuse Greenie Container for JCCC Foodcourt Recycling.
Greenie food containers

It's Simple

It's Easy

It's Affordable

It's Clean

It's Green and ...

It's Cool

Greenie containers are now free to use. 

Choose to reuse your container each time you visit Dining Services by following these easy steps:

1. Bring your carabiner with you to the cafeteria.

Carabiners are good for a discount on all purchases in greenie containers. 

2. Pick up a clean greenie at the cafeteria entrance. 

Whether you want soup, salad or a hot entree, the greenie containers will accommodate all of the items in Dining Services. 

Recyle Bins in the JCCC Food Court.
Just return your greenie containers to these recycle bins in the food court when you are done.

3. Select your food choice to insert in your greenie container.

4. Proceed to the cashier with your food selection and show your carabiner.

Since greenies are now free, you will just need to pay for your food selection. A discount will be applied if you have a carabiner. 

5. After eating your meal with us, place your greenie container in the tubs above the trash/recycle stations as shown.