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Proctoring Services

Testing Services provides a proctored environment for course test administration for JCCC students and non-JCCC students.

Students Taking JCCC Credit Classes:

Testing Services Lab

This is an open-lab proctored environment where exams are administered for telecourse, online, and self-paced JCCC credit courses. In addition, students may use the testing lab, with permission from their instructor, to make-up regularly scheduled classroom exams that they missed due to extenuating circumstances. Please see the “Procedures” page for additional information.

NCTA (National College Testing Association)

Students taking JCCC online courses who are unable to come to campus due to distance to take their exams in a proctored environment, may be able to take their exams at another approved testing center with permission from their instructor. The NCTA provides a referral service of testing centers that offer proctored environments for the administration of exams. The National College Testing Association provides more information and a list of participating institutions. Each center charges a fee to proctor exams.


This service is offered on a limited basis. The JCCC Testing Center is not involved in the support of this product. If you have questions about ProctorU, please contact your instructor.

How this Works

You must discuss online proctoring with your instructor at the beginning of the semester. Your instructor must make arrangements for you to take the test with ProctorU, and then you must contact ProctorU directly to make an appointment and pay the required fee. You should make an appointment at least 72 hours before the desired testing time.

  • Distance learning students who need to have an exam proctored but are unable to locate a proctored environment may use ProctorU with permission of the instructor.
  • ProctorU can only be used for tests that are taken online using Canvas. Students are required to have a distraction-free testing environment, a picture ID, a web-cam, and high-speed internet.
  • There is a fee required for this service.
  • To make an appointment, visit ProctorU. If this is your first time to use ProctorU, you will need to sign up on the ProctorU website.

Scheduling and Fees

Flex Scheduling requires the student to make an appointment at least 72 hours before the desired testing time. However the student may choose the "Take it Soon" or "Take it Now" options at additional cost. "Take it Soon" allows a test to be scheduled within 72 hours of the chosen start time; "Take it Now" allows a test to be taken on-demand with no appointment needed.

Payment of all ProctorU fees will be the obligation of the student. Charges must be paid with a credit or debit card at the time you make your appointment.

Exam Length

Flex Scheduling*

Take it Soon*

Take it Now*

30 Minutes or Less




31 - 60 Minutes




61 - 120 Minutes




121 - 180 Minutes




181 Minutes or More




*Fees are subject to change.

Students Taking Classes through Other Institutions:

The JCCC testing lab provides a proctored environment for the administration of correspondence and distance learning exams from other institutions as a service to the community. However, because the exams are administered in an open lab and utilize limited resources, some restrictions exist related to the type of exam accepted and the timing of the administration.

To use the service, examinees and originating institutions must follow these policy guidelines:

Examination Schedule:

  • The testing lab is closed on college holidays and is open on a limited schedule when classes are not in session.
  • Correspondence and distance learning exams for external institutions are not administered during the time frame of finals in May, July and December.