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Need assistance now?

Emergency: Call 913-469-2500, (913-339-6699 TDD/TTY) 4111 from a campus phone. If you are off campus, call 911.
Security Escort: Call  4112 from a campus phone.
Locked yourself out of your car or classroom? Call 913-469-2500 (913-339-6699 TDD/TTY).
Lost and Found: Located in MTC 115. Call 913-469-8500, ext. 5678, to report a lost item.
Counseling: Find local and national resources.

KOPS plan logo of a silhouette of a figure holding a cylindrical item

Emergency Management at JCCC

JCCC strives to be a disaster-resilient College where the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors is a priority.

Led by a cross-functional Crisis Management Team that provides leadership, guidance and support in emergency situations, JCCC has established processes and plans to respond to and recover from disasters and emergencies that affect the campus community. 

Your Role as a Campus Community Member

As a member of the JCCC campus community, it is your duty to be alert to what is happening around you, to report any issues or emergencies that may arise and, in the case of an emergency, to cooperate with any directions or directives issued by JCCC emergency management personnel.