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Explore degree options and chart your degree path. Create an efficient and effective course schedule. Track your progress and celebrate your accomplishments.

Plan My Classes guides you through possible degree and certificate pathways. Drag courses into course schedules by semester. Map out and navigate your academic journey from start to finish.

This useful tool can help you avoid unnecessary detours, saving you both time and money.

Stellic provides the power behind Plan My Classes, so you can:

  • View your degree requirements
  • Track your degree progress
  • Plan coursework for future semesters
  • Explore different majors and what-if scenarios

All JCCC credit students admitted or enrolled within the last 3 semesters have access after logging into MyJCCC.

To get started:

  • Log in to MyJCCC
  • Find the Plan My Classes card and select “Start Planning My Classes”
  • Watch the tutorial videos to understand navigation and definitions of terms
  • Select a pathway and make your plan
  • Discuss your plan with a Counselor
  • Follow your plan
  • Track your progress

Plan My Classes is an academic planning tool. To enroll in classes, use the Credit Class Search found in MyJCCC. Refer to DegreeCheck for your unofficial graduation audit. Submit a graduation application for the official audit.

Questions about Plan My Classes?

Reach out to a Counselor with questions related to Plan My Classes. Visit the Academic Advising & Counseling webpage to discover all the ways to visit with a Counselor.

Looking for additional resources?

Self-enroll in this free Canvas course to access FAQs and tutorial videos.

Understanding Plan My Classes

A good academic plan consists of a manageable course load each semester as you work toward completing your degree requirements. If you have questions about your plan, make an appointment with a Counselor.

A pathway is the recommended sequence of courses for a program. You can apply a pathway to your plan, then rearrange courses to suit your schedule and preferences. Meet with a Counselor for help selecting a pathway.

Once you create your plan, you can request that a Counselor review it by clicking “Request to Review Plan” at the top right of “Plan Your Path.” A counselor will respond in 2-3 business days with feedback.

Adding a major in Plan My Classes is not official and should be done for informational purposes only. To officially add or remove a major, complete a Declare or Change Major form. You may have up to two declared majors at a time.

Continue to use the Credit Class Schedule Search to find your classes and get enrolled.

They should match, but use both to track your progress. Refer to DegreeCheck for your unofficial graduation audit. Submit a graduation application for the official audit. Consult with a Counselor for questions about your remaining degree requirements.

All current credit students are able to log into Plan My Classes through MyJCCC. You may not have a “Matching Program,” however. In this case, you may need to declare a major or update your catalog of record.