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February 24, 2022

JCCC students make an impression on local business.

Jesse Salmon, CEO and President of Computer Impressions, was already familiar with JCCC. The campus is close to his home and he often drives by on his way to work.

What Salmon didn’t expect was the caliber of talent coming out of the classrooms.

“While interviewing for part-time IT positions, we noticed that JCCC students seemed to be the best candidates,” he said. “I was amazed that JCCC students have better skills than the nearby universities.”

While working alongside Professor James Hopper, who teaches Web Development, Digital Media & Web Applications, Salmon got a more in-depth look at JCCC students and their abilities.

Creating Internships for JCCC Students

A professional partnership was forged when Salmon and Hopper met as summer internships were being filled by Johnson County area companies using funds from a Kansas Workforce grant.

“After meeting and talking with James Hopper, I knew I wanted to help,” Salmon said. “It seems that the JCCC staff cares deeply about helping their students be equipped to have the necessary skills to succeed in the workforce.”

After an impressive interview, Jason Soltys, a Web Development and Digital Media student, was chosen to be an intern at Computer Impressions. His efforts paid off. Shortly after his internship ended, Soltys was hired to fill a part-time position as a full stack developer and is now employed full time at Computer Impressions.

“Many of the classes I took for the Web Development and Digital Media program helped me prepare for my internship,” he said. “Some included how to dress and act when meeting your employer, while others helped with creating and updating a résumé. Resources like the Career Development Center gave additional help with preparing.”

Advisory Committees and Reverse Career Fairs

Salmon is a dedicated partner with JCCC Computing Science and Information Technology (CSIT) programs. He serves on the CSIT Advisory Committee and represents Computer Impressions at all CSIT Reverse Career Fairs.

Reverse Career Fairs are an opportunity for JCCC students to meet with local employers, ask questions, find out about skills needed for prospective employment opportunities, and get feedback on résumés and portfolios.

“Jesse saw the value of our program and assists us in working with students in the program to help them understand the importance of a job interview, a quality résumé and a strong professional network,” said Hopper. “He is a valuable member of the Web Development and Digital Media advisory board. He is an incredible person.”

Being part of a team that helps students succeed is fulfilling to Salmon. He brings with him as many seasoned employees as possible to educate and pump up students.  

“Our goal is to encourage students to practice communicating their skills, projects and themselves,” Salmon said. “Since there are so many reasons to quit or give up on a career goal, I believe it is crucial to have a cheerleader when life gets tough. Sometimes all it takes is for a few people to invest a little time and encouragement.”

Salmon encourages CSIT students to develop soft skills such as working well in a team, good time management and effective communication.

“Focus on understanding the fundamentals of your craft and how to build on them,” he said. “Always attempt to use familiar techniques and best practices when solving a problem.”

What Do Web Development Graduates Do?

Today, Soltys’ current role at Computer Impressions is Lead Developer. He helps make project decisions ranging from coding to what technology should be used to planning development phases.

Find Your Internship at JCCC!

We’ve got experts ready to help you develop the skills you need to search for a job or internship. Visit the Career Development Center in SC 252 to get started today!