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January 4, 2022

Get on-the-job experience on another continent

Margaret Hoang interned in a London PR office.

Margaret Hoang took studying abroad one step further than simply attending classes. She wanted to start breathing in the culture and the business world in a new country as soon as she stepped off the plane.

“When I made the commitment to study abroad, I knew I wanted to do something that would immerse myself into the society and culture,” she said. “The best way to do that, while still hitting necessary credits, was applying and committing to an internship.”

What’s in a Media Internship?

While at JCCC, Margaret had interned locally at Make-A-Wish Foundation. Since the bulk of her studies focused on journalism and media communications, her internship consisted of copywriting for social channels and helping to plan annual fundraising events. With that experience, she knew what could be expected in a similar role.

Margaret’s study abroad program was managed by Central College in Iowa, which placed an emphasis on ensuring students had an internship while abroad to receive on-the-job training.

London Calling!

For her internship abroad, Margaret landed in London, spending a fall semester at SISTER PR, a creative marketing agency that focused on fashion, food and lifestyle. As the holiday season approached, she was able to be a part of many exciting company events.

Margaret said her media and composition courses at JCCC were key to her success.

“As an intern, I wrote copy, managed social feeds and kept track of press cuttings, and also helped develop and execute the firm’s Christmas and winter events throughout Carnaby Street, St. Martin’s Courtyard and Regent Street,” she said.

“When writing copy, you always need to be aware of your audience and know how to simplify content to match. My media and composition courses helped prepare me for that.”

Post-internship Steps

Margaret’s time abroad gave her a head start in her postgraduate career in event marketing.

After returning to the United States, Margaret transferred to University of Missouri-Kansas City to complete a bachelor’s degree in mass communications while interning at Union Station. She was hired for a full-time position after graduating.

“I was very lucky to have gained a lot of experience in marketing, communications and events,” she said. “I recently made a shift to Honeywell FM&T, where I am now a Communications Specialist.”

How to Find the Perfect Internship

For students looking to find the right internship, Margaret recommends keeping an open mind.

“There will be times where your dream internship won’t work out, but no one says you only have to have one internship throughout your entire college career,” she said. “Take on as many internships as you can manage, and as early as you can. These are experiences that shape your career path.”

JCCC students have quite a few options when seeking out an internship. For Margaret, it began with her professors.

“Our department has a robust internship program, where our qualified students enroll in JOUR 271: Journalism Internship and then I find them a good match,” said Associate Professor and Chair of Journalism and Media Communications Gretchen Thum. “Students like Margaret earn three hours of college credit in return for working closely with a mentor.”

Internship courses are a common feature in many JCCC credit programs. Combining what you’ve learned in class with real-world experience can be a valuable tool for students looking to enter the field.

Students can also visit the Career Development Center for help in finding an internship. Students have access to JobLinks, a free job and internship database that allows students to search for and apply to internships. There’s also a Résumé Creator for assistance in putting together a dynamic résumé.

Find Your Internship at JCCC!

If you're interested in an internship abroad, contact the Study Abroad Office at or visit them in COM 220.

Our career development experts can help you develop the skills you need to prepare and search for a job or internship here in the U.S, too. Visit the Career Development Center in SC 252 to get started today!