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Students in the CLEAR Expansion program now have the opportunity to earn completion certificates in four academic areas.

Beginning in Spring 2020, CLEAR students can earn certificates in four tracks:
  • Employment Skills (E): This track focuses on subjects related to employability skills, such as communication, career exploration, teamwork, problem solving, technology and enterprise.
  • Arts (A): This track focuses on subjects related to fine arts, such as music, film, painting , drawing and art history.
  • Independent Living (I): This track focuses on subjects related to skills in self sufficiency such as personal finance, hygiene/self-care, nutrition, home management and relationship building.
  • General Studies (G): This track focuses on subjects related to basic academic areas such as English, math, science and history.

Students must complete 10 courses in the declared track to complete the certificate. All courses on the enrollment form are marked as to which track (or tracks) the course counts towards. Completion of any course requires that students must attend 10 of 14 class sessions.

Students can choose to declare a track or remain undeclared, whichever they choose. Students can declare a track at any point in their program; however, courses will not begin counting towards a certificate track until the student declares the track by marking it on the enrollment form. Courses will not be retroactively counted.

Additional Details

  • Students have the entirety of their program eligibility (currently until the semester during which they turn 27) to complete the certificate.
  • Working towards a track does not limit students to only taking courses in that declared track. Students may still choose any course of interest, but only those designated in their declared track will count towards completion.
  • Students may work towards up to two tracks at one time; however, each course can only count towards one track (i.e. if a course is marked as both an Independent Living course and an Employment Skills course, a student can only use it towards one of the two tracks.)
  • Students must have a zero balance for semester fees for the courses to count towards completion.