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CLEAR (College Learning Experiences, Activities and Resources) provides non-credit continuing education classes for adults with mild developmental disabilities or other cognitive disabilities.

CLEAR logo of a scribbled C above the letters c l e a r

Located on the campus of  Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, the program is designed to teach independent living skills and provide life-enhancing experiences.

The program is for Kansas residents age 18 or older who generally have attended special education classes during their secondary education for a developmental disability or cognitive disability.

About CLEAR Classes

CLEAR's goal is to provide educationally sound experiences in classrooms on the JCCC campus. JCCC is proud of its commitment to serving all citizens of Johnson County with a desire for educational improvement. Here are CLEAR students relating what they learned in the "Shifting the Power" class:

CLEAR provides a full range of classes each semester based on student input. The social integration of the CLEAR students and other JCCC students will continue to provide a valuable learning experience for everyone.

A variety of classes are taught each semester ranging from basic skills, physical conditioning and arts and crafts to enrichment and practical living skills. The offerings vary from one semester to the next.

All classes are held on the JCCC campus. Two seven-week sessions of classes are offered on Saturdays each spring and fall semester. The expansion program offers weekday classes for 14 weeks each semester. CLEAR also offers an abbreviated summer program.

Saturdays, for most classes, the fee is $5. For Weekday Expansion classes, a flat registration fee of $20 is assessed for each student.

Class offerings are on a first-come, first-served basis. All students must meet the attendance criteria. For an interview, call the Supported Education Programs office at 913-469-3247, or email Courtney Barden, Supported Education Programs Manager, at