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Interested in improving the health and wellness of those around you? Whether you’re interested in athletics, community health, professional sports or individual training, JCCC has the program for you!

Transfer Opportunities

Many of these careers require bachelor’s degrees. Start your educational journey at JCCC—smaller class sizes and lower tuition make us a great choice!

JCCC’s athletic training program has one of the country’s most highly trained and skilled staff. This track is intended primarily for incoming JCCC athletic training students.

A 12-credit-hour first-semester track has you attending to JCCC’s athletes while supervised by the JCCC athletic training staff. These classes build a strong physical foundation that will stay with you if you plan to continue at a 4-year athletic training school, or another health profession. Speak with an academic counselor if you plan to transfer your courses.

For information about athletic training courses, contact Dr. Beth West, 913-469-8500, ext. 3401.

Recommended First Semester Schedule

AAC 130 - Medical Terminology

HPER 195 - Introduction to Sports Medicine

HPER 240 - Lifetime Fitness I
HPER 134 - Beginning Weight Training

EMS 128, section 460 - First Responder

Advantages for Athletic Training students:

  • Get a foundation of healthcare-oriented classes, particularly medical terminology, that prepares you for work in the healthcare field
  • Study in JCCC’s state-of-the-art recreational facilities with top-of-the-line equipment
  • The first aid and CPR taught in the First Responder course is at the healthcare provider level
  • Introduction to Sports Medicine is foundational to functioning effectively in the athletic training facility
  • Lifetime Fitness or Weight Training involves exercise principles used in rehabilitation and provide excellent personal stress reduction
  • Flexibility —you can work on the Medical Terminology and Lifetime Fitness classes at almost any time of the day
  • When finished with the first semester, you will be prepared to work closely with athletes at home and on the road

Acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities required to become a certified personal trainer. The Personal Training Certificate prepares students to successfully obtain a professional certification and develop comprehensive knowledge of scientific evidence, tools and protocols specific to the fitness industry.

Upon completion of this certificate, you are prepared to take a national accredited personal trainer certification exam, the American College of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer Exam.

This 29-hour certification also provides a pathway to continue your education in related fields such as exercise physiology or kinesiology.

For information about personal training courses, contact Joe Weis, 913-469-8500, ext. 3743

Advantages for Personal Training students:

  • Learn the process of initial client consultation, assessment, exercise programming and implementation
  • Receive opportunities to monitor exercise techniques and responses to exercise
  • Gain expertise in exercise leadership, client education, and adherence to legal and professional responsibilities

View the certificate program in the JCCC Course Catalog

The sports industry has become a dominant influence in American society and is evolving at a dramatic rate. Prepare for the dynamic nature of sports management and the potential for successful and satisfying career opportunities in the sports industry.

Courses related to sports management are designed for management-related positions in collegiate and professional sports, companies that manufacture and sell sporting equipment, and in commercial, corporate, and private fitness facilities and companies.

Most careers in sports management require a bachelor’s degree or higher. JCCC is a great place to obtain prerequisites for your future career.

For information about sports management courses, contact Joe Weis, 913-469-8500, ext. 3743.

Possible transfer courses in Sports Management may include:*

BIOL 121 Introductory Biology for Non-Majors

COMS 121 Public Speaking
ECON 132 Survey of Economics OR
ECON 230 Principles of Macroeconomics OR
ECON 231 Principles of Microeconomics
ENGL 121 Composition I
ENGL 122 Composition II
HPER 202 Personal Community Health
MATH 171 College Algebra* or higher
(excluding MATH 172)
PHIL 143 Ethics
SOC 122 Introduction to Sociology OR
PSYC 130 Introduction to Psychology
BIOL 235 General Nutrition* OR
DIET 151 Nutrition and Meal Planning
BUS 141 Principles of Management
HPER 250 Introduction to Sports Management
HPER 251 Sport and Society
HPER 255 Introduction to Physical Education and Sport
JOUR 122 News Writing and Reporting GE 2.1
PSYC 130 Introduction to Psychology GE 3S
PSYC 215 Child Development OR
PSYC 220 Social Psychology

Advantages for Sports Management students:

  • Understand sports principles as they apply to management, leadership style, communication and motivation
  • Learn from expert practicioners in their field
  • Take advantage of JCCC’s seamless transfer process
  • Obtain a well-rounded education

*Students should check with specific 4-year programs about JCCC courses that will transfer to a specific Sports Management degree program.

Empower individuals and organizations to live healthier lifestyles. Exercise science leads to a variety of careers, including working alongside companies to implement health programs or assisting community centers with fitness activities.

Courses related to exercise science begin with a scientific foundation. As you progress, you will learn the impacts of phycial exercise on the human body.

Most careers in exercise science require a bachelor’s degree. Obtain prerequisites at JCCC before transferring to begin your career in physical health.

For information about exercise science courses, contact contact Joe Weis, 913-469-8500, ext. 3743.

Possible transfer courses in Exercise Science may include:*

BIOL 121 Introductory Biology for Non-Majors OR
BIOL 135 Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL 140 Human Anatomy
BIOL 225 Human Physiology
BIOL 230/231 Microbiology
Health BIOL 235 General Nutrition
CHEM 124/125 General Chemistry I
CHEM 131/132 General Chemistry II
COMS 121 Public Speaking
ENGL 121 Composition I
ENGL 122 Composition II
HPER 215 Introduction to Exercise Science
MATH 171 College Algebra* OR  MATH 173 Precalculus*
MATH 172 Trigonometry
PHIL 143 Ethics
PHYS 130 College Physics I
PHYS 131 College Physics II
PSYC 130 Introduction to Psychology

Advantages for Exercise Science students:

  • Combine in-depth class work with hands-on experiences
  • Get a comprehensive education of the human body and how it adapts
  • Take care of prerequisites before transferring
  • Learn at JCCC’s state-of-the-art facilities
*Students should check with specific 4-year programs about JCCC courses that will transfer to a specific Exercise Science degree program.