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The athletic training preparatory track is intended primarily for incoming JCCC athletic training students.

The courses required first semester also lay a foundation of information and training that will be vital to continuing, either at a 4-year athletic training school, or for studying in some other health profession. Some courses will transfer to a four-year college or university. Speak with an academic counselor if you plan to transfer your courses.

For information about athletic training courses contact Bill Buese, 913-469-8500, ext. 3401.

Recommended First Semester Schedule

AAC 130 - Medical Terminology (online class)

HPER 195 - Introduction to Sports Medicine (classroom)

HPER 240 - Lifetime Fitness I (Lifetime Fitness Center)
HPER 134 - Beginning Weight Training (LIfetime Fitness Center)

EMS 128, section 460 - First Responder (first eight weeks of semester)
This class is a half-semester class. Section 460 is taught during the first eight weeks of the semester. This should be your first choice. If section 460 is full, then enroll in section 461. This should be your second choice

Advantages for Athletic Training Students

  • Classes are 100 percent relevant to athletic training.
  • You get a foundation of health care oriented classes, particularly medical terminology, that will prepare you for anything you decide to do in the health care field. 
  • The first aid and CPR taught in the First Responder course is at the health care provider level.
  • Introduction to Sports Medicine is foundational to functioning effectively in the athletic training facility.
  • Lifetime Fitness or Weight Training involves exercise principles used in rehabilitation and they serve provide excellent personal stress reduction.
  • Flexibility - You can work on the Medical Terminology and Lifetime Fitness classes at almost any time of the day. 
  • When finished with the first semester, you will be prepared to work closely with athletes at home and on the road.