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The fitness center is available for use by all enrolled JCCC students and all College employees. You must have a valid JCCC ID card to get into the Lifetime Fitness Center.

The Lifetime Fitness Center at JCCC is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for the students, faculty, and staff. The Fitness Center will follow the current guidelines at JCCC for COVID for the summer semester. These guidelines may be found on JCCC's COVID-19 Resources page

The fitness center provides an opportunity for individuals to exercise to improve overall muscle tone and cardiovascular conditioning. The center emphasizes the value of developing all areas of fitness.

Each professional member of the staff has studied at the master's level in physical education or related fields. One of these instructors is in the center at all times. Someone who knows the subject area and keeps up with the research will answer your questions about fitness.

Note for employees: All spouses and college-age dependents of JCCC employees must contact Haley Molden at or 913-469-8500, ext. 3217 to receive access instructions.