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The hospitality industry is a broad career field that includes hotels and hotel services, travel and tourism, restaurants, bakeries, cafés, food service and the culinary arts. 

This program covers a wide range of content, from foodservice to finances to team building, giving you a set of skills needed to be successful in a management role. Knowing how to handle multiple facets of the hospitality industry will help you manage your organization to its fullest potential as well.  

Although in the same industry, hospitality and culinary are different programs of study.  

Culinary Arts study is primarily centered on cooking techniques, food service and professional kitchen management including costing.  

Hospitality Management study is focused on the tourism industry with many business-related classes.  

Culinary perfection is about a basic love for food and the desire to please people. A career in Culinary Arts involves dedication, hard work, education, and talent. This field of study is part of the Hospitality Industry, which is the largest private employer in the United States. Opportunities exist in roles of cook, baker, chef, caterer, food and beverage managers, owners of restaurants, and countless other areas.  

Career opportunities include: 

  • Catering Management
  • Resort & Cruise Ships
  • Convention Centers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Food Service
  • Restaurant Management
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