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Immerse yourself in the French language, culture and lifestyle at JCCC.

What will I learn in JCCC's French courses?

There are many benefits to learning a foreign language. Master the skills it takes to learn a second language that can be used for many career paths and future endeavors.

The French program at JCCC gives you a strong foundation of the French language, which is widely spoken around the world and is a key language of politics, diplomacy and international business. JCCC’s skills-based French courses help you become proficient at French as quickly as possible by teaching you how to speak, listen, read and write the language.

You’ll also learn about the diverse French culture and its impact on the world as the traditional language of:

  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Culinary arts
  • Architecture

Most French courses at JCCC are guaranteed by the Kansas Board of Regents to transfer to all Kansas public postsecondary institutions.

See guidelines for enrolling in French classes (PDF)

Do you need to take the placement assessment? 

Why JCCC for French language courses?

As a French student, you can access free personal tutoring in the Language Resource Center (LRC) and practice on its computer-based language programs. Join the French club – La Table Française – to fine-tune your language skills with an encouraging group of fellow students. 

  • Enjoy smaller classes allowing for a more personalized learning environment
  • Learn faster with interactive teaching methods such as small group and one-on-one pairings.
  • Professors keep it fun and interesting with practical applications and lots of in-class activities.

Join the International Club to make friends with native French-speaking students to learn even more. For the ultimate immersion experience, participate in JCCC’s Study Abroad program in a French-speaking region of the world.

Join the compagnie of more than 275 million French speakers around the world. Learning French gives you an advantage in the global job market with multinational automotive, aeronautics and luxury goods companies.

Differentiate yourself from other job candidates and you could land you a job more quickly. Careers that often require knowledge of French include:

  • Humanitarian aid
  • Public health
  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art or math) courses
  • Foreign service
  • International development
  • Politics, diplomacy or international relations

You could be a French interpreter or translator, with job opportunities in these fields projected to grow 24 percent from 2020 to 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Part-time and contract interpretation and translation work could even supplement your full-time career.

Some potential careers merge technology and foreign language skills – imagine being paid to translate video games or promote a brand to a French-speaking audience!


The cost of going to school causes a lot of stress for many students. JCCC wants every student to succeed, so we are always working to make tuition affordable for everyone.

Here’s what we can offer:

You may also have textbook and supply costs in addition to your tuition each semester. Depending on what classes you take, these fees will vary.

There are several things to consider when budgeting for college. Visit our Cost of Attendance page for detailed information.

Resources and tools at JCCC

JCCC offers a wide range of resources and services that students can take advantage of during their time on campus. All students have access to professional tutoring, as well as smaller, more personalized class sizes.

Our Financial Aid office is here to help if you’re worried about the cost of going to college. Our financial aid counselors can help you find scholarships and student loans to lower your out-of-pocket cost each semester.

Many students need assistance in figuring out what they want to do post-graduation. Our Career Development Center and Academic Counseling services are here to support you in whatever you aspire to be.

Finally, consider furthering your education by transferring your credits to a four-year school. JCCC makes it easy and stress-free to continue your learning.

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