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Learn to prevent cross connection and backflow into the water supply. Get certified through our ASSE-approved Backflow Technician courses.

a green backflow device is installed next to a small pond.

JCCC backflow prevention training aligns with professional standards

  • Earn ASSE-approved certification developed under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Comply with Kansas, Missouri, OSHA/USEPA and American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) requirements for Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers.
  • Spend less on training. Save even more when you send at least three employees at one time.
  • Work on our up-to-date equipment in new facilities.
  • Attend convenient class times offered four times per year. Recertification is offered most every month.

JCCC’s Cross Connection Control Certification is aligned with ASSE standards and teaches professionals how to test, install, inspect and maintain water and sanitation systems in structures. We ensure these ASSE requirements are met:

  • Documented practical experience
  • Comprehensive 40-hour training course which covers industry knowledge and skills
  • Written exam and a practical exam to demonstrate proper field test procedures

Our certification is based on the ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 5000 standard, which provides stringent professional qualifications for the backflow prevention industry. You must be qualified to work on backflow prevention assemblies to perform cross connection control tasks. Certification is valid for three years. A refresher course and written and practical exams are required for recertification.

Bolster your skills with nationally recognized credentials

You should consider our courses if you work with any of the following equipment, which generally require a testable or non-testable backflow preventer:

  • In-ground irrigation
  • Commercial boilers or icemakers
  • Cooling towers
  • Medical equipment or laboratory uses
  • Commercial water treatment and processing plants
  • Commercial/residential fire sprinklers
  • Food service equipment
  • Residential hoses or showerheads
  • Beverage dispensers and humidifiers

Our training and certification in backflow prevention adds nationally recognized credentials to your resume, enhances your skills and increases the number of tasks you can perform – ultimately raising your employability.

Earn a Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Certification
Earn a Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Recertification
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