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Missouri residents are welcome to take the courses but they will want to contact their local DMV to see if the completion card will waive the state requirement of a driving skills test.

Yes. Participants must be available to attend all of the sessions in a training during the same week, and you must attend all sessions shown for the section to registered for to successfully complete the class.

Motorcycle training courses are open to those 15 years of age or older who have a valid driver's license or learner's permit.   

No, you do not have to have any prior motorcycle experience. However, you will need to be able to ride and balance on a two-wheel bicycle. Also, this course is a physically active course with a large portion of training outside. Students must be capable of handling a motorcycle, have balance and coordination, and handle outdoor exposure for several hours at a time.

Speak with the instructor on the first night of class (Friday) and let them know of any medical concerns and any actions that may be needed or required (i.e. medications, contacts, etc.).

Motorcycle Safety Foundation - Health & Wellness Protocol (PDF)

Courses meet regardless of weather. If JCCC is open and holding classes, our course will take place.

We do offer some Friday, Monday, Tuesday course sessions. See the course schedule for details.

All students must bring a driver’s license or permit as identification. Those taking the Intro to Motorcycle class need to bring their riding gear. Those in the other BRC classes do not need riding gear, only a pen for taking notes, as it just classroom work.

No, we do not offer training for 3-wheel bikes or scooters.

We currently use a variety of motorcycles to offer the best fit for students. All motorcycles are under 300 CCs and include the following models: KTM Duke 200, Suzuki TU250, Honda Rebel 250 and Honda Rebel 300.