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Earning a CDL is a game changer! Here's what our participants and a recruiter say about JCCC’s CDL program:

Student Testimonials

Todd S.

“I could not be the provider I am today without the scholarship and all the great people associated with JCCC.”

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Walter B., USAF Veteran

"As a veteran, the grant was a blessing to me. The course allowed me to get to work right away. JCCC staff and trainers were thorough. JCCC’s course must certainly be one of the tops in the country."

Amanda L.

"I like to drive and wanted a better career for my future and the future of my children."

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Christopher E.

"Everyone was very helpful and courteous. I am extremely impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge and individual pride that every one of the instructors and staff exhibited."

Paul S., Veteran Scholar (family recipient)

"Although I didn’t serve in the military, I received a grant because of my father’s service in the Air Force during Vietnam. I was extremely thankful. I have nothing but praise for the program … the range instructors were patient, knowledgeable and willing to work with me on sharpening pre-check and driving skills.”

Alison S.

"Having a guaranteed time each weekend day to work on the range is something other programs do not have."

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Jeremy C.

"I learned many things that most seasoned drivers don’t know. It's the perfect combination of books and real-life experience. The instructors are friendly, patient and go out of their way to make sure you have knowledge and skills."

Employer Testimonial

Josh M., Recruiter, American Central Transport

"JCCC CDL grads bring a solid work ethic, background and professionalism with them.

Drivers need to be able to think on their feet, work independently and have a safety-first mindset. That is exactly what we see in drivers who come from JCCC.

We value our relationship with JCCC and are honored to be able to assist veterans in the next chapter of their careers. We hope to help more veterans transition back into the civilian world after their service to our country."