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The JCCC CDL program has changed people's lives. Here's what our participants, employers and instructors have to say about teaching and learning in the CDL program.

Student Testimonials

Walter B., USAF Veteran and July 2020 CDL-A Graduate

"The course was amazing, and it allowed me to get to work right away after completion of the class. Your staff and trainers were very knowledgeable and thorough in the classroom and in the field instruction. Your course must certainly be one of the tops in the country."

Danielle H., Nov. 2020 CDL-A Graduate

"When I got to Schneider in Green Bay, my trainer told me that my instructors at my community college did a good job. He even suggested I contact my instructors and tell them thank you because I was better than many students he had had."

Christopher E., CDL-A Graduate

"In my time with JCCC, everyone was very helpful and courteous. Even after graduating, my employer needed information on my training with JCCC. Everyone was still just as helpful and professional.

I am extremely impressed with the level of professionalism, the level of knowledge and quite frankly the individual pride that each and every one of the instructors and staff exhibited through my time in this course."

Paul S., Veteran Scholar recipient, Nov. 2020 CDL-A Graduate

"JCCC’s CDL Training program was a definite positive for me. Through their class and driving course instruction, I was able to gain the skills and knowledge needed to start my career in LTL trucking with reduced training time at that company."

Chandler H., Nov. 2020 CDL-A Graduate

"The program was wonderful; instructors were out of this world. All answers I had Rob answered to the fullest. Class time gave me all the information and tools you'd need to learn about trucking. Tons of time in the truck making it easier to transition into trucking. All in all, the program helped me grow as an adult wouldn't have gone anywhere else but JCCC trucking."

Jeremy C., April 2020 CDL-A Graduate

"I think this program is great, I learned many things that not even the most veteran drivers know. It's the perfect combination of books and real-life experiences. The instructors are friendly, patient, and knowledgeable and will go way out of their way to make sure you have the knowledge and skills you need to start your career. I have recommended this program to multiple people and will continue to do so."

Todd S., June 2019 CDL graduate

“I could not be the provider I am today without that scholarship and all the great people associated with JCCC.” 

Amanda L., CDL student

"I like to drive and wanted a better career for my future and the future of my children."

Jim S., CDL Student

"I studied the possibilities of truck driving for approximately 1 1/2 years before deciding to commit to Johnson County Community College for the CDL-A program. The one thing that convinced me to go with JCCC is a website called the National Truck Drivers Association. They stated that JCCC's programs gave you much more one-on-one instruction time and more behind-the-wheel driving time than the programs that are offered through trucking companies.

Another plus is that the program is spread out over nine weekends. A person can still maintain a job while completing the training to produce an income."

Lowell S.

"I thought the JCCC CDL program was great. The instructors were all superb. The classroom meetings and range time on the weekends were extremely well orchestrated and targeted at the right topics and tasks. The one-on-one instructional time on the weekend range days was the best way to teach this set of skills. I honestly don't know how you would improve upon this unless you incorporated a driving simulator. Very well done."

Richard A.

"I wanted to thank you again for the funding options for the CDL program. This life-changing event could not have happened, and it is life changing. I can now support my family in a manner I have always dreamed of and I will not forget it. Thank you."

Employer Testimonial

Josh M., Recruiter, American Central Transport

“We enjoy working with JCCC and the veteran drivers they train in their CDL program. They bring a solid work ethic, background and professionalism with them that is a tremendous asset to have as a truck driver.

Drivers need to be able to think on their own, work independently and be of a safety first mindset. That is exactly what we see in our drivers who come to us from JCCC.

We value our relationship with JCCC and are honored to be able to assist veterans in the next chapter of their careers. We hope to be able to continue to help more of them transition back into the civilian world after their service to our country.”