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If you're considering a career as a professional truck driver, JCCC's Commercial Driver’s License (CDL-A) training program can prepare you for a lucrative future in the growing commercial trucking industry. And our flexible class options make it easy to complete your training, even if you have a busy schedule.

A teacher talks to a student seated in the cab of a semi truck.

A Commercial Driver’s License is required to operate large, heavy vehicles that sometimes contain hazardous material. JCCC’s CDL training program combines class time, direct online study and behind-the-wheel training in a variety of course configurations. You’ll be prepared to take and pass your CDL-A test after taking one of our CDL training class.

Why earn your CDL-A at Johnson County Community College?

Earning a CDL-A will open many opportunities for you. Many national companies seek out skilled truck drivers, which makes it a field that is in high demand. Drivers can earn excellent starting pay — some first-year drivers earn $50,000 per year, and team drivers can make more than $70,000 a year. Many companies in the industry offer great bonuses and incentives for the right positions.

Additional benefits of having a CDL-A:

  • Most truck drivers receive great employee benefits, including paid time off, paid health insurance, and 401(K) plans.
  • Truck drivers have freedom to choose. There are local driving opportunities as well as regional and long haul, and some positions offer the opportunity to drive solo while other jobs offer work in teams.
  • A CDL is a ticket to a broad future. You can drive a few years, then advance to other positions like recruiter, supervisor, or dispatcher—or continue to log miles from the cab of a truck.

Why earn your Commercial Driver License at JCCC?

A CDL instructor goes over a checklist with a student driver while seated in the cab of a commercial truck.

2:1 student-to-instructor ratio

for personalized instruction

A student wearing a proud smile stands next to the cab of a commercial truck.

96% graduation rate;

and our graduates get great jobs

A male CDL student looks out of the window of a semi truck trailer

Up to 60 hours behind the wheel

so you gain the real-life skills you need to succeed

About the JCCC CDL Training program

JCCC's CDL training program is unique. We are dedicated to teaching you everything you’ll need to be successful in the commercial trucking industry. Here are a few things that we offer:

  • Our maximum class size is 12 students and we maintain a low student-to-instructor ratio — 2:1 where the industry is 4:1 — so you get personalized attention from experienced instructors.
  • Our 9-week training course combines classroom time — only 5 hours per week — with up to 60 hours of behind-the-wheel range training to ensure you gain the skills you need to succeed as a truck driver.
  • JCCC’s program is a fast, affordable path to a new career. Funding options are available for qualified students.

After completing JCCC’s CDL Training program, you will be prepared to pass your CDL skills test in either Missouri or Kansas.

Prepare for a job — and for the future

Can I get a job with a CDL-A?

Earning a CDL-A means you are qualified for any jobs in the trucking industry. With today's intricate supply chains, truck drivers continue to be in high demand. In fact, there is a shortage of truck drivers with not enough qualified individuals to fill the demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers is expected to grow at a rate of 4 percent between 2021 and 2031.

JCCC’s CDL Training is your first step to hitting the road toward a fulfilling career in the commercial trucking industry.

Jim S., CDL student

"I studied the possibilities of truck driving for approximately 1 1/2 years before deciding to commit to Johnson County Community College for the CDL-A program. The one thing that convinced me to go with JCCC is a website called the National Truck Drivers Association. They stated that JCCC's programs gave you much more one-on-one instruction time and more behind-the-wheel driving time than the programs that are offered through trucking companies.

Another plus is that the program is spread out over nine weekends. A person can still maintain a job while completing the training to produce an income."

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